The Portal

Length: 36 Minutes


The Portal

This exercise will lead you on a short journey. Allow your mind’s awareness to expand in all directions, into the infinity of inner and outer space. In the vast unlimited Universe, many light years from the Earth there is an opening, a black hole that is cloaked by a void, a place of anti-matter where time and physical space are swallowed and cease to exist. Since time and space are irrelevant beyond this celestial door, you may easily visit this place using the mind as a vehicle. Your mind ship may be as complex or as simple as you wish and can easily travel great distances in a flash of a moment, because it is also not confined to the limits of time or space. As you move towards the black hole, you may have realized that it is a portal, a doorway where outer space and inner space are one, where you, the voyager, may visit any point in time and space by simply thinking of that time and place.

Mark Certo

Mark Certo is a former recording engineer at the Monroe Institute. Working with Robert Monroe during the last 7 years of his life, Mark was given the great gift of friendship and personal interaction with Bob. After Bob's passing, Mark stayed on at the Monroe Institute for another six years helping to create many of the programs at Monroe today.

It was at the age of 17 that Mark was first inspired to explore expanded states of consciousness, realizing it was key to living a successful life. He began studying and practicing meditation to improve his ability to use consciousness toward achieving his goals. His practice led him to understand certain aspects of himself on a multidimensional level.

In 2001, Mark said goodbye to his life in Virginia to explore and study consciousness outside of Bob’s model and influence. Inspired by his studies of comparative religion and Jungian psychology, Mark synthesized a new method of consciousness exploration called the Triad Mind.

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