Total Self Communion

Length: 33 Minutes


Total Self Communion

You''ve probably been told, or you''ve probably heard the idea that we are much bigger than we normally experience ourselves to be... that there''s much more to us. And people map this idea of us being more spiritual beings than we''re currently aware of in many ways. And it''s really important not to get caught in any particular map, that then becomes a source of belief. And the best way to think about this meditation is to understand that the focus that you''re using to read these words is a part of a continuum of awareness that goes back to non-dual awareness, All That Is, Source, God/Goddess, however you want to call that Ultimate Reality. And we can experience it all as different points on a continuum – soul, higher self, true nature, and then coming to this physical focus that we all share, where we tend to experience our world through what has been called the chosen five senses of hearing, sight, taste, touch, and smell, in the chosen four dimensions of the three dimensions of space, and time.

Paul Citarella

Paul Citarella is the Chief Technology Officer of the Monroe Institute and is responsible for ensuring that technology is being used as effectively as possible to advance our mission. Paul's Monroe story began in his early twenties when he first read Bob's accounts of his out-of-body explorations. But it wasn't until about 10 years later, after rediscovering Bob’s trilogy, that he began his journey into consciousness with the Gateway Experience. Searching for a way to bring his professional and spiritual life together, he has been led back to the Monroe Institute, where his journey began.

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