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October 22

Creating a Kindness Revolution for Bob Monroe’s Birthday

In celebration of Bob Monroe’s 105th birthday on October 30, we are launching a kindness revolution to honor his generosity!

The process is simple:

1. Choose a person you’d like to receive your act of kindness. Here are some ideas to get you started:
  • Hold them in your meditation with love and good health
  • Send REBAL energy
  • Send a kind note in the mail
  • Drop off a cup of coffee or treat.

2. Visit this page to sign up at Rippl.me

3. Send a message to your person to alert them of your act of kindness and share your unique pay-it-forward link with them in case they’d like to thank you by making an anonymous contribution and paying your kindness forward to someone else.

NOTE: Financial contributions made to Monroe at Rippl.me are always anonymous and will be sent to the Monroe Institute via monthly checks.

4. Watch as, together, we create a ripple effect around the globe!

Learn more from Rippl.me founders Alyssa & Paul:

Here’s an example:

To honor longtime Monroe volunteer, Susan Smily, Lori, has been doing a daily meditation of appreciation for Susan.

Lori has sent Susan a message to notify her about the act of kindness she made for Susan and now Susan will have the opportunity to pay that kindness forward to someone else.

Why Susan? She has volunteered thousands of hours cataloging Monroe content for the past three and a half years. Susan does this for the pure joy of ensuring Bob’s documented legacy lives on. Recently, Susan made the 1,000th upload of files to the Monroe archive site.

“The greatest illusion is that mankind has limitations.”
~ Robert A. Monroe

The legacy Bob Monroe left behind when he exited his physical body was powerful tools for us to influence our awareness and explore consciousness.

Bob’s gift was an incredible gift of generosity and kindness to humankind.

Together, let’s begin a kindness revolution that surrounds the globe!
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Lori L. Jacobwith

Director of Development and Partnerships

Lori L. Jacobwith is a nationally recognized fundraising culture change expert and master storyteller who has been named one of America’s Top 25 Fundraising Experts. She has delivered more than 10,000 coaching and training sessions that have helped nonprofit organizations raise more than $400 million dollars from individual donors. Through her organization Ignited Fundraising, Lori helps staff and board members share their stories powerfully and effectively to inspire donors to give more. With a BA in Political Science and Speech Communications from the University of Minnesota, Lori has training from Indiana University’s Fund Raising School and is a longtime member of the Association of Fundraising Professionals.