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“The physical universe, including the whole of humankind, is an ongoing creative process.” - Robert A. Monroe        


Tens of thousands of people have attended Monroe Programs worldwide.

The Monroe Institute community is a diverse community.  We welcome people from all backgrounds. Our growing community includes nuclear physicists, doctors, lawyers, computer scientists and IT professionals, realtors, homemakers, inventors, psychologists, psychiatrists, farmers, truck drivers, politicians, lawmakers, artists, musicians, poets, authors, military officers, students, teachers, and religious leaders from all faiths.

Learn more about where to begin your own personal journey.

Millions have used Monroe's audio technology.

Over the years we have been fortunate to include among our guests, well-known leaders such as Swiss-American psychiatrist and pioneer in death and dying studies, Elisabeth Kübler-Ross; American spiritual teacher, Ram Dass; and, retired Army Chief Warrant Officer and former consultant to Stanford Research Institute, renowned remote viewer Joseph McMoneagle. 

We receive nearly half-million visitors to our website annually.

We conduct more than 250 programs annually around the world and 55 programs on the Virginia campus. There are currently more than 100 Monroe Institute Outreach & Residential Trainers in the world.

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The Monroe Institute is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, nonsectarian organization that relies upon your gifts to expand our presence globally, create new programs, delve more deeply into research, and provide scholarships.

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