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January 01

Effects of Long-Term Participation in Monroe Institute Programs

The Monroe Institute, through its sound technology, has demonstrated changes in focused states of consciousness for thousands of individuals over the last 40 years. While ongoing research at the Institute on the nature of different states of consciousness is yielding rich insights into human development, a continuing challenge for the leadership of the Institute is to understand how repeated exposure to this technology in controlled workshop environments affects the quality of individual lives. Does it have any bearing on the degree of self-efficacy, life satisfaction, job satisfaction, and career performance? In other words, does repeated exposure to TMI programs increase the capacity of the participants to deal with the demands of their lives in terms of doing meaningful work, developing and supporting mutually rewarding relationships, and acquiring skills and attitudes that provoke continual growth and development?

A second challenge for the long-term benefit of the Institute is to attract participation in graduate-level programs. While the workshops are well structured and the experience of participants during these workshops well documented, the percentage of individuals involved with the Institute over 3 or more years remains fairly low. The current data suggests there is a 30-month window from the time individuals first hear of the Institute to the time their interest in the Institute wanes. In that time individuals will often participate in 1-3 programs. After that time, participation dwindles significantly. Why is that? Clearly, the benefits of additional programs, once individuals have satisfied some intrinsic need that brought them to the Institute, to begin with, are not well understood nor promoted as part of the Institute’s mission.

To address these challenges, a study was proposed to look at the long-term effects of participation in the Institute programs. 

Follow these links to see the 2 phases of the study.

Effects of Long-Term Participation in The Monroe Institute Programs-Phase 1 - Cam Danielson.pdf

Effects of Long-Term Participation in The Monroe Institute Programs-Phase 2 - Cam Danielson.pdf



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