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October 04

From the Director's Chair: October 2018

Tools for Changing Time

Hello, Friends!

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Time seems to be speeding up! Or, as I prefer, Tempus is fugiting!

There is plenty of opinion that the phenomenon of time acceleration is subjective and increases with age. But even if I concede to that, and I do, partly, there seems to be more to it. For those of us born before the digital age, it’s obvious the internet plays a tremendous role. The instantaneous flow of information and communication gives the impression that time is quickening.

Yet, there is still more to the story. My sense is intuitive and visceral. Something fundamental is shifting. I’m not talking about the sociopolitical chaos we’re experiencing, though that can feel destabilizing. As an astrologer, I’m also talking about indications of numerous shifts that are affecting our sense of and connection with all phases of time—past, present, and future.

Just as one example, some planetary energies currently at play (which started in 2008) are reflective of what happened a little over 240 years ago. And, as we did then, we’re uprooting the worn out, restrictive underpinnings of longstanding corporate, political, and economic cultural systems, demanding major transformative changes so that we can move into a better, freer future. This particular dynamic will be in place through 2023, at which time we’ll be in a significantly different situation.

Change is inevitable. Time is only a playing field.

So, how can we best use these influences to facilitate positive change, personally and globally? If you’re like I am, you may be taking inventory of your consciousness tool kit; polishing everything to a shine. My default tool is “gratitude,” so I am extending gratitude for my lifelong association with Bob Monroe, who gave me—gave all of us—the brilliant, unique, and oh-so-effective mental-consciousness tools with which to navigate the interdimensional “multisphere.” Here are six such tools—

  1. Hemi-Sync®, the Monroe audio technology that guides us, collaborates with us, to achieve the targeted deep states of awareness from which all becomes possible. And on the shoulders of Bob’s legacy we now have SAM (Spatial Angle Modulation™).
  2. Focus 15, the “State of No Time.” Focus 15’s dual nature opens to us, on the one hand, a vast blackness, “The Void,” a sense of single-pointedness; and on the other hand, an active environment, one where we can explore a sense of timelessness, all potentiality, and creation of patterns on levels beyond time/space.
  3. Different Overview, the gathering of knowledge “beyond belief”; turning beliefs into “Knowns” through the direct experience gained from consciousness exploration.
  4. IT, the I-There that each of us has, containing all past/present/future (or more precisely, “other”) life personalities. The term “past lives” tends to limit our thinking, hence the preferred term, “other lives,” including other human and nonhuman, even nonphysical life experiences
  5. REBAL. The Resonant Energy Balloon is an intensification of one’s own energy, helping to create a high energy state within and around us. As Bob explained, “The REBAL is like a sieve or filter; only energy that is equal to, or of a higher, or more refined, vibration than yours will have access to your energy field. The REBAL is a shield from energy forms that you may not want to be influenced by at any particular moment. The REBAL also acts as a magnet, attracting the influences and guidance from higher energy forms. The more you build your REBAL, the more your physical body will be able to sustain higher and higher energy levels.”
  6. Gateway Affirmation. This one is my favorite!  Bob’s affirmation helps us focus our attention on what we want to accomplish while in an expanded state. It helps us focus our intent, to become more aware. It gives us permission to respond to, and work with, other energy and energy systems. Plus, it helps us stay relaxed and open to a variety of positive influences.

These and the many other tools developed by Bob and TMI and honed to perfection over the years, give me a sense of confidence and ease.  They have and do help us to know our Selves as the eternal beings that we all are. They are here for you!

Change is inevitable. Time is only a playing field.

To your eternal unfolding ...

Tick, tock!

Nancy H. McMoneagle
President & Executive Director


Note: Hemi-Sync® is a registered trademark of Interstate Industries Inc., dba Hemi-Sync®.

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Nancy H. McMoneagle

Monroe President & Executive Director (Retired)

Prior to her role of Executive Director and President at The Monroe Institute from 2014-2019, Nancy “Scooter” McMoneagle provided astrological services out of the Astrological Services Division of Intuitive Intelligence Applications, a company she co-owns and operates with her husband of remote viewing fame, Joseph McMoneagle. In her earlier career days, Nancy helped Bob Monroe to pioneer and create The Monroe Institute (TMI) for consciousness research and education. She later served as its Director from 1983 - 1991.