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August 10

Read What People Are Saying About Expand, Monroe's New Meditation App

Monroe Institute released a new meditation app unlike any other on July 19, 2021. It uses Monroe’s signature combination of guided meditations backed by Monroe Sound Science signals.

You can use the App in many different ways throughout your day. Use it for concentration or relaxation. Dive even deeper to gain profound insight. Customize and tailor your own personal experience.

Below are a few comments from our App test group.

“I think it’s the perfect way to customize your own personalized meditation journey from the comfort of your own home. It allows you to change up your daily mediation routine to reflect how you’re feeling or the types of session you need on any particular day.” M.M.

“I experienced an amazing state of peace and well-being. I wished it would last forever.” -D.R.

“One of the most beautiful meditations I have gone through in several years ... it really goes deep and allowed great connections to all.” -K.L. 

“I am not usually a fan of guided meditations, but this one put me in an unbelievably deep state in a short amount of time. The new Monroe music has a serious hypnotic effect on me. This is the only exercise I have done so far, and I was pleasantly surprised.” -K.S. 

“During the meditation, I had many images come to me that I could focus on, and they didn't disappear from my mind's eye. In the past, they leave before I can really look at them, not this time. Just great!” -L.W. 

“This was excellent! During "The Gathering," I was able to connect with my higher self and other parts of me fairly quickly. I have a feeling I will get much more out of it as I try this again. This was my 1st attempt, and I was mostly curious about the exercise. I am looking forward to playing this again a few more times.” -N.M. 

“During my meditation, I experienced a full-blown lucid dream. It was snowing; I chose to close my eyes and meditate within the dream. I found myself falling through time and space. A male voice asked me to let go and trust; I would land safely. It was very empowering.” -D.D.


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