Episode 32, Part 1: Modern Science and Ancient Wisdom Unite to Unlock the Hidden Mysteries of Reality with Dr. Theresa Bullard

Theresa Bullard, PhD, is an author, world-renown speaker, Mystery School instructor, and host of Mystery Teachings on Gaia TV.  How do science and spirituality work together to expand consciousness personally and collectively, leading us to accomplish the Great Work? The power is within, magic is real, the tools are available. Our role is to acknowledge the eternal essence that unifies and lifts us beyond egoic perspectives and excuses to align with the flow of the cosmos and manifest heaven on earth. Our guest considers it her primary role to remind us that the power resides within.

Dr. Bullard was raised to keep an open mind and explore the nature of existence without indoctrination in any one system. After focusing her education on physics and earning a doctorate in that field, she felt moved to balance out her highly intellectual life and turned her attention from physics to metaphysics.

Studying Jung, New Thought and Alchemy synchronistically led Dr. Bullard to “Life Activation” sessions, which in turn led her to one comprehensive path taught through the New Mystery School. Here she found powerful applications for activating the inner plane and catalyzing shifts that brought pieces of her search together into an accelerated journey of empowered living.

To be continued in part 2 with Dr. Bullard.