Maria Xifara

outreach Trainer

Maria studied Clinical Psychology, MA, at the University Paris VII and continued her education in the complimentary psychotherapy fields in Hypnosis, EMDR, NLP, Energy Psychology, EFT, and TAT.
Since 1997 she also facilitates groups in self -awareness, self-improvement, study of A Course in Miracles and presents relevant experiential seminars and workshops. Since 2010 she is a certified outreach facilitator for the Excursion Workshop of the Monroe Institute in Greece.

In 2012, together with Ioulia Pitsouli, she founded the Noosfera Retreat Center specifically for the programs of the Monroe Institute. Each room is equipped with a special built-in electronic installation, which allows the participants to use wired headphones for listening to exercises, while lying comfortably on their beds.
Today Maria works privately as a clinical psychologist and coordinates personal development seminars in Greece.

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