Nikate Khaitan

residential Trainer

Nikate was born into a business family but always had an interest in esoteric sciences. During his travels in India and abroad he always found time to visit people and places, allowing him to expand his knowledge about these sciences. Reading has been a passion and visiting book stores in search of another great read and more knowledge is a driving force. It was during one such visit in 1994 that he discovered Bob Monroe’s book, Journey’s Out Of The Body.

Fifteen years later in 2010, Nikate finally made his way to The Monroe Institute® to attend the introductory Gateway Voyage® program. He is the Regional coordinator for the Local Chapter Network in India and along with his wife, Shrimangala, has been actively promoting the Outreach Program and has conducted Excursion workshops all over India.

He has been profoundly influenced by the Monroe Institute programs and Hemi-Sync® technology; to share his experiences with others he has founded a nonprofit organization, Awareness Foundation. The foundation offers and organizes programs which include book reading sessions , meditation sessions, the Monroe Institute’s Excursion workshops, The Institute of HeartMath’s Resilence Advantage Program® as well as other related programs.
Awareness Foundation is part of the TMI Local Chapter Network and has a regular Hemi-Sync® meditation session every Wednesday. He is also the Regional coordinator for the Local Chapter Network in India.

Nikate has been working on making a connection between science and spirituality and has been trained in various biofeedback tools and technologies. He is a certified trainer for the Institute of HeartMath’s Resilence Advantage Program® ( EmWave® technology), CBT for the Life System (Quantum Biofeedback) , Practitioner of the Mind Mirror (EEG based biofeedback) and Progen Aura Camera 6000 (Aura photography and reading).

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