Ritta Nicoara

residential Trainer

I've always been interested in the deep inner being, the higher self, of who we really are and how we can establish a better connection with this part of us.
I think that curiosity led me to become a psychologist and later psychotherapist in integrative psychotherapy. From my point of view, all psychological problems are related, on a very deep level, with losing the connection with our soul, our Higher Self and Universe. The more we are in touch with our inner world, the more we will be able to heal our self.
Many years ago I discovered the works of C.G. Jung. He was my first “mentor” who gave me a sense of existence, an awakening to the cosmic dimension of us. It was beautiful and profoundly healthful but I am still missing the experience.
A few years ago I found The Gateway Voyage® Experience” and other Hemi-Sync® CD’s. I was overwhelmed. That experience changed my life. Step by step Hemi-Sync offered me new insights about us and our human journey. It made me able to realize a strong connection with my Inner Self. Finally, I found what I was looking for. The question “Am I more than my physical body?” is not a question anymore. Now, I know it for sure!
So, I became a trainer because my desire is to share with other people the gift of what Robert Monroe, through Hemi-Sync, gave me: i.e. the miracle of experiencing that beyond our physical body we are beings of light, love and joy.

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