Silvia Plesa

outreach Trainer

Silvia lives in Baia Mare and graduated from the Faculty of Management at the North University of Baia Mare. She has always been passionate about her work and personal development, always seeking to push the limits. She worked in sales and then as a marketing manager at various companies, but no matter how much satisfaction she got from work, she knew intuitively that life was not just about our activities and relationships, but is a universe waiting to be discovered.  She began practicing reiki and meditation, and this led her to search for a more practical ways of exploring the inner universe. This is how she met Hemi-Sync® technology in 2011. She attended all the programs organized by The Monroe Institute in Romania and in 2017 decide to become an outreach trainer.

Her goal as a trainer is to help the participants in the Excursion Workshop in exploring and discovering their own authenticity so that they know their unlimited potential as beings beyond their physical body.

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