The Disciple's Path

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The Disciple's Path

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Ambient-organic music by Mark Seelig, steeped in traditional Indian Ragas, offers a passionate and transformative journey to the frontiers of consciousness.

Occasional entrancing rhythms form the backdrop for Mark’s organic and intimate Bansuri flute melodies, which combine with dilruba (Indian cello), electronic violin, harmonic chants, soundscapes, percussion, and drones to create a memorable composition. The addition of Hemi-Sync® creates a powerful meditative experience, inviting you into dimensions of the beyond. Four tracks offer different meditative experiences:
1. Raga Princess – 15 min
2. Ya-Man – 13 min
3. The Disciple’s Path – 36 min
4. Raga Ayahuasca – 11 min

Executive producer Garrett Stevens. Engineered and mastered by Justin Cason.

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