Tasting Infinity


Tasting Infinity

Raise your vibration and facilitate quantum shifts in your consciousness to perceive the vast nature of your being.

Transformational teacher and award-winning author Suresh Ramaswamy invites you to taste the infinite nature of your being. You will be guided into the ultra-high frequencies of the Light of Infinity, raising your vibration and facilitating quantum shifts in your consciousness. While in these states of acute clarity, you will directly perceive the vast nature of your being. Hemi-Sync® frequencies will assist in easily entering these expanded states of consciousness as you find yourself floating in higher dimensions.

Three tracks; Track 1 is an introduction; Track 2 is the Tasting Infinity guided meditation; and Track 3, Abiding in Infinity, is for establishing the foundation to deepen and continually exist in this state of awareness. Music by Rob Dobson.
Executive producer Garrett Stevens. Engineered and mastered by Rob Dobson.


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