Discovery Program

Prerequisite: none


Join TMI trainers, our research team, and Mind Mirror experts for a week of consciousness studies to include scientific validation of expanded states of awareness. The Discovery program is truly a unique opportunity!  

Can the mind operate independently of the brain?
Participate in generating verifiable data!

A new TMI research-oriented program, Discovery will focus on verifying and validating out-of-body experiences, remote viewing, and lucid dreaming. This will be a progressive learning program with some experiential activities being monitored with the Mind Mirror™ system for real-time EEG feedback. Using Hemi-Sync® and SAM exercises, participants enter these targeted altered states while the Mind Mirror measures and records the changes in their brainwaves. The data collected will help us to better understand and verify expanded states of consciousness in a new way.

Consciousness connects us All.
To know this through personal exploration and discovery may yield the greatest wisdom in the human experience.

Morning sessions will focus on the development of skills to support consciousness explorations.  The audio supported meditations will be experienced in CHEC units without the Mind Mirror EEG monitoring.

Afternoon sessions will be experienced as a group in the same room.  Employing the transformative technology of the Mind Mirror 6 EEG system, Discovery participants will have the opportunity to learn about their mind-body correlations and see their physiological measurements. Each participant will be asked to identify designated targets by means of OBE, RV, or lucid dreaming exercises while being monitored by the Mind Mirror EEG.

Mind Mirror results will be debriefed and discussed individually with participants by a qualified expert. Not only will we review the changes in your brainwave activity together, we will also begin to understand just what those changes mean.

Evening sessions will be presentations and discussions with experts in the various areas of consciousness that we will be exploring throughout the week.

Discover how your brainwaves are reacting
during expanded states of consciousness.

About Mind Mirror - Built on 40 years of authoritative research, this state-of-the-art technology offers integrated EEG and physiological measurements. Judith Pennington (pictured left), from the Institute for the Awakened Mind and her associates, will be joining us again for the Discovery program to monitor, measure, and collect brainwave activity data. Using the Mind Mirror 6 EEG system, they will collect EEG data from participants in groups of 6 simultaneously throughout the week. Mind Mirror is the only EEG that displays brainwave amplitudes in the left (intellectual) and right (emotional-spiritual) hemispheres across a range of frequencies in real time.

The Mind Mirror precisely reflects the participant's state of consciousness to display four specific patterns of consciousness: deep meditation, the awakened mind of peak performance, the evolved mind of non-duality and spiritual oneness, and the gamma synchrony pattern of transcendence and spontaneous creative/spiritual flow.

This is a unique opportunity to actually see what your brainwaves are doing during a Hemi-Sync or SAM exercise and to participate in a research study exploring specific states of expanded awareness.

Program size is limited to 16 participants!
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Your Facility for this Exploration: The Monroe Institute

TMI is the premier experiential residential education center for exploring expanded states of consciousness. For the past 40 years, tens of thousands of people just like you have attended our programs. People from all walks of life, including doctors, engineers, healers, therapists, clergy, homemakers, artists, executives, and many others have come to The Monroe Institute to experience, discover, explore expanded states.


Our Powerful 5-day/6-night All-inclusive Discovery Program Offers:

  • Daily consciousness exploration facilitated by our skilled trainers
  • Semi-private accommodations
  • 3 delicious home-style meals a day
  • Daily yoga classes
  • Transportation from and to Charlottesville, Virginia
  • Complimentary WiFi and massage therapy upon request (additional fee)


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