Dolphin Energy Club

Experience the power of group dynamic meditation as a member of Monroe's Dolphin Energy Club (DEC).

Created to promote emotional and physical comfort in times of need using the special frequency patterns of Hemi-Sync®.

When DEC receives a request for support, members are contacted to focus positive thoughts and healing energy on that person’s behalf at least once during a two-week period.

If you’re inspired to help others, we invite you to join DEC. 

As a DEC member you:

  • Receive DEC training exercises on a CD:
  • Agree to use DEC exercises to help only individuals who request it.
  • Agree to use DEC exercises during the year of your DEC membership to help individuals whose requests have been sent to you by the DEC Coordinator.
  • May present any petitioner, including yourself, to the DEC for healing support.
  • Agree to report to the DEC Coordinator any measurable changes or improvements in your petitioner within the timeline given you by the DEC Coordinator.
  • Agree to report to the DEC Coordinator about changes in your own physical and mental wellness resulting from your application of DEC techniques.

If you are not familiar with using Hemi-Sync techniques with other wellness exercises, we strongly recommend that you first learn to use them by working with the Gateway Voyage Introductory exercise, which is a free download on our our Free Audio Downloads page.

To learn more about the Dolphin Energy Club please contact Ann Vaughan, the DEC Coordinator.

Phone:  434.361.1500
Fax:  434.361.1237

Membership Fees
DEC membership is $50.00 per year.

Join or Renew Here.

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