The Local Chapter Network

The Local Chapter Network


...volunteering our time to help you connect

The Local Chapter Network (LCN), created and operated entirely by dedicated volunteers, plays a key role in the realization of The Monroe Institute’s vision and mission. Local chapters are independent communities which provide ongoing support and opportunities for TMI program graduates as they engage in further consciousness exploration and evolution.  

Local chapters also provide a point of contact for others wishing to learn about The Monroe Institute, its programs, Hemi-Sync® and SAM technologies, and the exploration of consciousness. Local chapter members are interested in exploring and learning about many different aspects of human consciousness so local chapters do not focus on a single topic such as OBEs. 

We’d like to invite you to join our growing global network of local chapters. Are you seeking a local chapter? Please go to the Region page where you live to see a list of current chapters in your area.

No local chapter within reasonable driving distance of where you live?  You have options:

  • Email us at to inquire about participating in one of our virtual chapters which meets online, monthly
  • Alternately, you may qualify to start your own local chapter, and we can help you with the process. To qualify, you only need to have completed one of the following Monroe Institute programs:
  1. Gateway Voyage (residential)
  2. Two-day Excursion Workshop (off-campus)
  3. Waves I & II of the Gateway Experience (online)

If you have completed one of the above programs and wish to learn more about starting your own chapter, please email us at, and we will respond to your request in a timely manner. 

Local chapter leaders receive generous discounts on Hemi-Sync® and SAM CDs and other products (excluding books) purchased through TMI along with $300 discount on one qualifying five-day residential program each year.

The LCN benefits from the collaborative efforts of Local Chapter Leaders, Regional/Country Coordinators, and the LCN Leadership Council:

  • Mark Crewson
  • Anthony Drew
  • Beth Haley
  • Thomas Mooneagle
  • Petru Stetiu

LCN Connections Newsletters:



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