Metamusic® Artists: J. S. Epperson


Metamusic® Artists: J. S. Epperson

Ascension, Einstein's Dream, Golden Mind, Hemi-Sync in Motion, Higher, Illumination for Peak-Performance, Indigo for Quantum Focus, The Lotus Mind, Remembrance.

John (J.S.) Epperson, a graduate of the USC Thornton School of Music, is a leading contributor of Metamusic, meditation music and guided meditations. By combining several psychoacoustic techniques with music designed to naturally engage the body’s autonomic and psychological responses, he creates “music with purpose.”

Mr. Epperson’s work with Barbara Bullard and TMI led to innovations in the area of “betamusic,” Metamusic that can be used to improve focus and concentration. Combining the Superlearning® musical techniques outlined by Ostrander and Schroeder with Hemi-Sync frequencies designed to address beta brainwave deficiencies of people with ADD and ADHD, Mr. Epperson and Ms. Bullard created albums such as “Remembrance,” “Einstein’s Dream,” “Indigo for Quantum Focus,” and “Illumination for Peak Performance.” Their 20-year collaboration with The Monroe Institute and Monroe Products resulted in the creation of 9 Hemi-Sync® albums and two ground-breaking DVDs.

Mr. Epperson’s music was specifically selected by Robert Monroe to accompany Focus 27, as well as to feature in the best selling Going Home® series, a collaborative project with Robert Monroe, Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, MD, and Charles Tart, PhD. Mr. Epperson contributed musical formats for Theresa Bullard, PhD, on “Alchemy and Metamusic,” and many others. His work also appears on television, film and in video games. Through his writing, his blog and his social media presence, John helps keep Hemi-Sync in front of the millennial generation.

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