Hemi-Sync® and Remedial Therapy

(Breakthrough, June 1987)

Hemi-Sync® and Remedial Therapy

Jill Russell 

Jill Russell is a remedial therapist in private practice in Cambridge, England, She is also a voluntary worker attached to the Chaplaincy at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, a major teaching hospital with 1,000 beds.

I have been using METAMUSIC® tapes with my patients for four months. The patients are all medical or psychological referrals, with a variety of conditions including stroke recovery, Parkinson’s, arthritis, post-operative and post-accident stress, asthma and neurological states. My findings are based on experience with twenty of these patients (15 women, 5 men) who come for treatment regularly, weekly or fortnightly. Since treatments last for 1 1/2 hours, I use an auto-reverse tape player so that I don’t need to stop treatment to reverse the tape.

Nineteen patients accepted the playing of the tapes without question, finding them non-intrusive. The single objector preferred the “Surf” tape, which I used during his treatment. “Midsummer Night” and “Modem” are the most popular. Four patients have been introduced to Focus 3 (DISCOVERY #1, “Orientation”), Focus 10 (DISCOVERY #2, “Intro Focus 10”), and the “Sound Sleeper” tape.

With the tapes, all patients relaxed more easily and quickly. There was a very marked reduction in the more obvious types of stress, chatter quickly stopped, and the tranquil, relaxed state enabled a deeper, spiritual level to emerge. Many patients opened up as they had not done before, and I had some very remarkable personal stories recounted to me. The most highly-stressed patient, a young musician of professional standard, has obtained exceptional benefit, both in relaxation and in putting him more in touch with himself—even though he is not enthusiastic about the METAMUSIC.

Three of my patients who have used the tapes quite extensively, for themselves or in their own professions, gave me the following comments:

A) “I have had a lot of problems with sleeping, including getting off to sleep. I have found the sleep tape invaluable; it almost always sends me to sleep about halfway through, and though I awaken when it ends and I remove the headphones, I always get back to sleep almost immediately. I find Bob’s voice comforting, a familiar voice like a friend and I have a very real sense that he is there. I have also been very depressed and have found DISCOVERY #2 extremely helpful for relaxing and obtaining peace of mind.”

B) “I am an art therapist in a school for children with severe learning disabilities and have been using Modem for about three weeks. The children come to me singly for up to 45 minutes and can choose what they do in that time. Mostly they work contentedly and don’t comment on the music. One very articulate teenage girl, however, suddenly said, ‘Turn off that stupid music, it’s like Tchaikovsky! I like pop music!’ A contrasting response came from Danny (age 11, autistic) who at first sat with his hand in front of his face—then his hand gradually came down and he became attentive, with lots of eye contact (more than usual). After 30 minutes, he didn’t want to leave and pointed at the tape player. There was also Carol (15, little speech, very handicapped, possible brain damage) who listened for a few minutes, then said, ‘What’s that?’ I turned off the tape player. She said, ‘More,’ and I turned it on and she sat quietly and painted for 15 minutes (a long time for her). I shall continue to investigate.”

C) “The first, almost immediate effect—relaxation of body. Then a quieting of the mind that leads to inner stillness. So the overall effect becomes a general serenity. They are a great aid to massage from the patient’s point of view, giving a greater sense of relaxation and well-being. For me the tapes are still more effective, relaxing and beneficial through headphones. I find the DISCOVERY tapes relieve inner tension and bring a great feeling of relaxation, but I have not listened to them often enough to be specific. I feel a concentrated listening must open the mind’s capacity, especially compared to other tapes. I will be better able to comment after more extensive listening. I made these comments while listening to Sam & George which I find the least appealing of the tapes. Nevertheless, I feel that I have been able to collect my thoughts and state them with greater clarity than I would have been able to without listening to the METAMUSIC. It certainly focuses the mind.”

From time to time, I work at the Yoga for Health Centre in Bedfordshire where I use METAMUSIC with patients and in the sitting room. I hope to be able to report on this after further experience. The chaplains at Addenbroock’s Hospital are showing interest and the possibility of playing the tapes through the hospital’s own broadcasting system is being investigated. A doctor involved in research at a leading London hospital has begun working with the tapes and again I hope to report progress later on.


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