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These videos highlight the experiences of consciousness explorers, program participants and Bob Monroe’s own perspective on out-of-body experiences.

Robert A. Monroe on Exploring Expanded Consciousness

Bob discusses the experience of exploring higher consciousness

Firoozeh, Gateway Voyage retreat graduate

"It's like going to Hogwarts ... It's magical!" - Firoozeh

Peter, Conscious Presence retreat graduate 2018

That's what I get out of this program a week to recharge. ... Only if I get the peace I am feeling right now out of it, then it's totally worth it....

William Buhlman on End of Life Preparation

William Buhlman speaks passionately about our need to be prepared for physical transition

Rosie McKnight speaks at Guidelines retreat 1

"I loved being an Explorer" - Rosie

Rosie McKnight speaks at Guidelines retreat 2

The ticker tape was the beginning of the guidance." - Rosie

Bob Monroe's first Out-of-Body Experience (OBE)

Bob Monroe, Founder of The Monroe Institute, describes his first out-of-body experience

Remote Viewing #3

Remote Viewing by Joe McMoneagle at the Monroe Institute with Skip Atwater and Bob Monroe.

Eben Alexander

"Tapping into mystery at the Gateway Voyage retreat."

Eben Alexander

"My desire to uncover the fundamental nature of consciousness and what I learned at Gateway Voyage" - Eban Alexander

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