Collection Overview

These videos highlight the experiences of consciousness explorers, program participants and Bob Monroe’s own perspective on out-of-body experiences.

Eben Alexander

"My desire to uncover the fundamental nature of consciousness and what I learned at Gateway Voyage" - Eban Alexander

Bob Monroe on Gateway Voyage and consciousness

Bob Monroe's welcome talk to a Gateway Voyage program group.

Crystal Hunting Adventure

Participants enjoy hunting for crystals, connecting with nature and one another.

Mark, Guidelines retreat graduate 2017

further explore Focus Level 15 (“No Time”) and Focus Level 21 (“The Bridge"), the state between the physical and non-physical.

Kevin, Gateway Voyage retreat graduate

I would say... if anybody... has the opportunity or even the thought to come here, it's probably the greatest gift you can give yourself. - Kevin

Roxanne, Gateway Voyage retreat graduate

"...if you’re looking for a nice place to...find yourself a little bit this would be the ideal place to do that." Roxanne

Kat, Gateway Voyage retreat graduate

Everyone would benefit from "taking time ... to sit, think, and reflect about 'this journey.'"

Dan, Timeline retreat graduate 2017

Dan, shares his experience in Timeline and the profound difference it made on his journey of self-discovery..

Susan, Law of Attraction retreat graduate 2018

"I was in this negative loop ... and couldn't break out ... and so I came to TMI and each day I have been lifted higher and higher." - Susan

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