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December 11

Imagine Your Future. Make it Real. Now.

Hi! I’m Steve Winchester, a program trainer with the Monroe Institute. My wife Deryn and I are thrilled to be hosting the first-ever New Year Virtual Retreat beginning on December 28.

Carol de la Herran, former executive director of the Monroe Institute, developed the original “New Year” program in Spain and debuted it on the Virginia campus in 2009. During that initial US program, the stars aligned and brought Deryn and me together. It was a magical week for all, especially for us. We fell in love, and we’ve been married for eight years. Now, Deryn and I have come full circle (spiral!). We get to facilitate this special retooled program!

We began training “New Year” two years ago with Patty Avalon and Penny Holmes. This year, Patty, Deryn and I redesigned the course to make it shine in a new virtual fomat! “New Year Virtual” captures the power of the original residential program that was so meaningful to us, plus it adds some innovative concepts and the latest sound technology. 

We are excited to invite you to the “New Year Virtual Retreat!”

Like most people, you have probably struggled this year. 2020 has stretched us all in unexpected ways.

How would you like to shift that?

How would you like to—

  • Begin the New Year with more than a resolution, begin with a clear vision and defined intentions
  • Take this time to relax and truly revitalize
  • Learn how to accept and release the past, shift to a new perspective and manifest your desires for the coming year
  • Expand into the Focus Levels 10, 12, 15 and 21—and beyond
  • Develop the new patterns that will benefit you most in 2021
  • Learn to cherish the good of 2020 and process any residue from living through such an eventful year
  • With renewed gratitude and clarity, move into the New Year in complete resonance and harmony with your own unique mission here on Earth?

Deryn and I are looking very forward to joining you December 28–January 2. It is time to transform old patterns and step into a new design of your own creation!

Imagine Your Future. Make it Real.
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Steve Winchester

Residential & Virtual Monroe Trainer

Steve discovered the Monroe Institute in 1992. Through a series of incredible coincidences, he was signed up for Gateway Voyage within a month. It was a turning point in his life. Bob showed him the way across the canyon between believing and knowing that he is more than his physical body. Taking to heart Bob’s final message to “get it out there,” Steve became active with the Local Chapter Network, acting as the regional coordinator for the northeastern and southwestern United States. Steve and his wife Deryn have run a monthly Monroe Local Chapter in Phoenix since 2012. In 2013, Steve became a residential trainer at Monroe. Steve is doing everything he can to share the good things he has received from Bob Monroe and the Monroe Institute.