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January 03

Not all Near Death Experiences (NDE) Involve a Tunnel or Bright Light

Not all NDEs involve transporting through a tunnel or traveling toward a brilliant white light. In fact most of them do not. My NDE is just one example.

Though I’d experienced something so profound that it changed the course of my life many years ago, I did not presume it to be an NDE. First of all my surgeon attributed my experience to a dream or a vivid imagination. I didn’t know what to call it, but the feelings of knowing who I was deep inside, oneness with all, unconditional love and bliss stuck with me and began my exploration of consciousness which eventually led me to the Monroe Institute.

It took me over 40 years to be able to put into context what I’d previously experienced in a brief but ineffable moment of time. While attending a silent meditation retreat, I’d been sitting in a 3.5 hour meditation session when I found myself out of my body, in a vast sea of Infinite Love, Omniscience and Oneness with the Universe.

I found myself observing what I now call the “human condition” and understanding fully how we, in individual bodies, tend to create our own drama, troubles and health by the way we act and re-act to situations placed before us. I returned to normal consciousness in a total state of bliss which colored my world with vivid colors and auras around all living things that lasted for several hours. As I journaled my experience, I came to realize how familiar this state of awareness felt and was brought to tears as I realized this was the state of being I’d experienced during my NDE many years before. I knew then that it could be possible for everyone, given the training and intention, to incorporate similar awareness and wisdom in their own practice of meditation.

With the assistance of Dr. Laurin Bellg, a friend, NDE Researcher and author of “Near Death in the ICU” we developed a program that can help you determine whether or not you've ever experienced an NDE and if so, perhaps recollect your memories. We also explore the profound take-aways from NDEs with the intention of enhancing your own meditation practice.

  • We start by ascertaining how much more we are than our physical body and formulating our own individual REBALs through intention,
  • We embrace and energize our energy body through awareness and compassion for others.
  • We next access our core essence, affirming our infinite source of self-empowerment and embracing unconditional Love, Oneness and forgiveness of Self and others.
  • We are next given the opportunity to optimize our energy awareness or REBAL, building on the foundation established earlier in the program.
  • From there we explore our ability to embrace our highest attributes by being one with the light of all creation. It includes our innate powers of Healing and Mediumship.
  • The climax of the program is our realization of achieving our life’s purpose and ability to sing our heart’s song. This embraces the qualities of Universal Love, Cosmic Unity, Oneness and Omniscience.


“In 1978 I experienced the loss of a dear, dear friend that devastated me, and since that time I have been keenly interested in learning about and knowing better this thing we call death in our life. Along the way there have been many workshops, conferences, lectures, books to read, and more experiences of loss. And in those 42 years, there are two things that stand out to me more than all others: one was the Elisabeth Kübler-Ross week­long retreat, Life, Death, Transition, in 1980 and your and Laurin's NDE retreat last July. With that said, I owe you much gratitude because you had a profound impact on my life.”

                                                            - Nancy S., NDE Spectrum Graduate


Please join Dr. Laurin Bellg, MD and I as we explore what can be possible by viewing our world through the eyes of an NDE explorer!

Learn more here: NDE Spectrum Residential Retreat



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Fred Rible, MBA

Monroe Outreach Trainer, Local Chapter Leader, Professional member, Board of Directors member

He first attended the Gateway Voyage® program in June 1997 and has since attended twelve more Monroe programs. Mr. Rible has been a member of The Monroe Institute® since 1997. He joined the Professional Division in 2010. In the Local Chapter Network (LCN) he is a Certified Chapter Leader for north San Diego County and was recently appointed Regional Coordinator for Northern California.