Research Overview

Here at Monroe Institute we seek to explore and investigate the phenomena of human consciousness. Our Research Division seeks to support, promote, and engage in rigorous and ethical research practice through the use
of various methods including cross-cultural, experiential, experimental, and theoretical studies of consciousness. We welcome and encourage public involvement and feedback regarding our scientific endeavors.

Monroe Institute is known for being a leading research and education institute dedicated to the study of and furthering
of human consciousness. As such, our Research Division exists for the purpose of the following: 

  • The search for and investigation of various tools and techniques in assisting our program participants who are looking to achieve evocative and transformative altered states of consciousness. 
  • The establishment and facilitation of coordinated research efforts into the study of human consciousness using interdisciplinary approaches.
  • Promoting the understanding that research efforts into the study of consciousness are most meaningful when they have practical applications, adding value to the experiential.
  • Making the results of studies available to the general public, both those studies coordinated by or in collaboration with Monroe Institute and those conducted by our non-affiliated colleagues in the field of consciousness studies as well as areas related to it.
  • Providing a forum for dialogue between researchers and practitioners regarding consciousness research, the ethics of research, the future of the field of consciousness, and application of research to further the human experience and global consciousness.  
  • Encouraging our colleagues to join us in the practice of stringent, ethical research to this broad, yet specialized area of study. 

Participating in Research

If you are considering participating in one of our research studies during your retreat at our Virginia campus, you may
email Nancy at or call her at 434-361-1500 for more information.  

Research Collaborators

If you wish to conduct research in collaboration with our team of researchers please submit a formal proposal to the
above email in adherence to our professional and ethical standards.

List of upcoming studies
ASSEP (Audio Study State Evoked Potential)