Hiroshi Nishi

outreach Trainer

Hiroshi Nishi was born in Tokyo, Japan in 1962. After graduating from Chuo University, Tokyo, Hiroshi experienced several occupations including a salesperson for a measurement instrument manufacturing company. He is now in charge of sales in an IT company.
In 2008 Hiroshi participated in a Hemi-Sync® seminar for the first time. Then he participated in various workshops offered by Aquavision Academy and The Monroe Institute®.
He has written about his own experiences with Hemi-Sync in his blog ever since he started listening to Hemi-Sync.
In this process, he became interested in helping others who explore the consciousness realms by Hemi-Sync. In 2012 he became an accredited trainer for Aquavision Academy. In 2014, he became a TMI official Outreach trainer.

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