Rob Sandstrom

residential Trainer

Rob has been working with and applying Bob Monroe’s technology since the early 80’s, and believes everyone can access and explore their inner abilities for beneficial purposes. His experiences led him to become a certified Outreach Trainer in 1998 and eventually an accredited Residential Trainer training TMI programs in Virginia and California.  As an Outreach Trainer, Rob offers Excursion, Advanced Excursion, and H-Plus workshops throughout the Northwest and western Canada; taking his equipment on the road wherever there is an interested group.

Rob’s passion is helping others use The Monroe Institute® technology for self-exploration, -discovery, and -healing; specifically, creating profound relaxation environments suited for promoting creative, productive, and healthy lifestyles. “Relaxation is the key to accessing and exploring consciousness.”  Rob’s tool of choice to get there has always been Hemi-Sync® because of its dependability and variety of applications. He integrates the same technology and techniques into his professional practice as a certified Project Manager and Certified Professional Coach.  Also trained in the use of Cross-Cultural Music for Healing, Rob uses this knowledge to enrich the sensory experience.

“Rob has teamed with Seattle’s “Dreamclinic” to deliver Outreach Workshops in the Puget Sound area. For information on presenting workshops outside the Puget Sound area, contact Rob using his information below.  For information on Outreach workshops at the Dreamclinic or to register for a scheduled workshop at the Dreamclinic, please contact them at:”

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