Remote Viewing I

A rare opportunity to develop your natural psychic ability to collect information on anything, anywhere, at any time.

Joe and his team of highly skilled trainers guide you on an experiential journey into the fascinating world of remote viewing. In just six days, you’ll learn to develop your natural or innate ability to perceive and describe information about a person, place or object from a distance. 

Learn new ways to clear and focus your mind so it can receive remote viewing input. You’ll discover how to use sight as well as taste, smell, sound, feeling, or other forms of perception to collect information. You’ll get experience in processing and identifying the info you access. And ultimately, you’ll determine the value of that info within your own personal world construct.

Use the tools of the pros.  You’ll be introduced to scientifically tested perceptual tools and techniques used by Joe and other professional remote viewers. You’ll also hear the history, protocols and success stories of sponsored remote viewing programs like STARGATE.

Focus your mind using Hemi-Sync®. While your success as a remote viewer is strongly tied to psychic ability, Hemi-Sync audio technology aids your learning process by helping you focus. 

Play the three essential roles. Successful remote viewing requires more than the remote viewers themselves. While the viewer serves as the perceiver and illustrator, you also need a monitor, who functions as the assistant to the viewer. And you need a judge or analyst, who evaluates the accuracy of a session. You’ll have a chance to play all three critical roles during this highly participatory retreat.

Go beyond the boundaries of time and space. Once you master the basics, you’ll participate in a series of double-blind, independently judged remote viewing trials to test your newly acquired skills.

Transform your beliefs. Like most participants, you may find that you shift from a remote viewer skeptic to a believer. Many past participants also reported that they gained a deeper understanding of themselves, acquired new insights into perceptions and realities, and improved their problem-solving skills. They walked away with a greater awareness of their environment and a profound understanding that they are more than their physical bodies.

Perceive the unseen. Learn new ways of clearing and focusing your mind to receive RV input from one of the world’s leading Remote Viewers, Joe McMoneagle. Explore all three roles associated with Remote Viewing the Remote Viewer—perceiver and illustrator, the Monitor—assistant to the viewer, and the Judge— evaluator of the session. Discover why each of these three roles is critical to the success of Remote Viewing.

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The audio exercises used in this program are the original binaural beat hemispheric synchronization exercises developed by Robert A. Monroe. They were designed to facilitate specific expanded states of conscious relevant to this program and are owned by the Monroe Institute. These exercises are not available for commercial resale.

Grab your headphones, find a quiet place to relax and enjoy this free audio sample. Experience the deep relaxation and instantaneous expanded meditative state of Monroe's neural entrainment technology.

Learn more about the history of Monroe's neural entrainment technology >

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What You Get

In addition to location-specific amenities, all Monroe Institute retreats offer numerous amenities to make your stay as rejuvinating as possible. (Virginia campus only.)

  • Semi-Private Rooms

    Standard accommodations are double-occupancy rooms.

  • Free Wi-Fi

    Free Wi-Fi is available for guests.

  • Daily Meals

    Our dining menu offers many fresh, healthy, and vegetarian options.

  • Shuttle Service

    Local area, shuttle transportation is included on the first and last days of each program.

  • Swimming

    During afternoon breaks, enjoy a dip in the swimming pool or lake (weather-permitting).

  • Massage

    Massages are available during weeklong retreats during afternoon breaks. (additional fee)

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Remote Viewing I

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Remote Viewing I

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