Adventures Beyond the Body: Induction Music for Out-of-Body Travel

Adventures Beyond the Body: Induction Music for Out-of-Body Travel


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William Buhlman has trained out-of-body travelers in his workshops for more than a decade, teaching people how to project their consciousness outside the limits of their physical bodies and to explore dimensions and worlds beyond everyday life.

For Out-of-Body Travel, a 2 CD set created by Brian E. Paulson.

Waves of Light and The Power of 7 are used exclusively by William Buhlman in his out-of-body workshops. Waves of Light is an exhilarating, yest profoundly peaceful musical journey into the mind, body and beyond.  By combining the ancient knowledge of harmonics, recent discoveries in brain research, physics, and cosmology, Waves of Light produces specific frequencies (for alpha, then theta) to create whole-brain consciousness and tunes the body to the natural harmonics of the earth and sun. A relaxing ride to Nirvana.

The Power of 7 is a magical sounds sculpture (tuned to the color green) by resonating the subtle energy levels of the listener. Combining hypnotic ancient rhythms with the latest psycho-acoustic mind technologies, this music will transport the listener from the beta to delta brain state. The Power of 7 is used professionally for healing and inducing altered states of consciousness and out-of-body travel.

Produced ByTom Carey