How Your Gift Makes a Difference

The Monroe Institute evolved from an original research group, and then to conducting learning seminars in human consciousness which quickly led to week-long programs to guide individuals in creating a path to a life with greater freedom, meaning, insight and happiness through the experience of expanded states of awareness. Your financial support contributes directly to the success of our research initiatives, program development, and the vision of TMI as a leading force for in-depth self-discovery and personal transformation. Major projects for which we seek funding are Scholarships, Research Fund, Veterans Fund, and Capital Improvements.

Your financial gifts honor the memory of the man without whose courage, curiosity, and vision the Institute would not exist

Your gifts to the Scholarship Fund provide opportunities to attend programs for those requiring financial assistance. Through an application process, a committee is able to award limited scholarships to qualifying individuals. We would like to expand this program so we can award more scholarships to an increased number of deserving applicants. There are many people who would love to reap the benefits of Monroe programs and just cannot afford them. Your donation will allow more of these deserving people to attend.

40 Years of teaching and researching human consciousness

Gifts to the Research Fund enable TMI to continue to develop our body of work and share that work with the public. This includes continuing research with Monroe audio-guidance technologies. Both quantitative and qualitative research is conducted to understand the personal experiences and implications of expanded states of consciousness for humankind.

The Veterans Fund provides essential opportunities for TMI to award scholarships to qualifying veterans who have served in the U.S. military. TMI would like to extend our services to veterans even further to help ease their transition to civilian life. The tools we’ve developed could assist them in making productive changes in their lives.

2,000,000 Hemi-Sync™ users and 100,000 program participants

The Monroe Institute Capital Improvements Fund has many aspects. In addition to financing continuing improvements on-site, the fund supports the extension of our programs and workshops around the world, and the expansion of the TMI community at large. Through these programs, others can benefit from our work. This fund might best be viewed as a chance to contribute to the overarching mission of TMI, to the TMI campus, and to the future of TMI. The fund might also be seen as a direct way to assist in accomplishing TMI’s Vision: The global awakening of humanity.

TMI is Fiscally Conservative

In 2015 we spent 60% of our annual budget on educational programs. Our goal is to increase the education and research areas of our work through fundraising. We have a strong and committed volunteer board of directors and a fiscally-conservative Investment and Fiscal Committee comprised of both TMI board members and senior management. These committees ensure that our vital programs and services will continue in order to meet the challenges of becoming the leader in self-discovery through human consciousness.


Hemi-Sync® is a registered trademark of Interstate Industries Inc., dba Monroe Products.


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