Monica Georgescu

Monica Georgescu

Outreach Trainer

My experiences since I was a child, made me wonder, who and what AM I really as human…Always I was looking for answers in other people, in my parents, in nature, in animals, in the whole life being, trying to understand why AM I here and what AM I doing on this planet?

Being enthusiastic and curious about the human spirit, I started to practice yoga and after a few years of intensive Hata and Laya Yoga, I had my first life changing spiritual experience that influenced complete my life and my view on WHO WE ARE. In 2009 I had my first OBE (out of body) experience and since then I have explored many nonphysical dimensions and states of consciousness. This was the time when I found out about TMI and Bob’s legacy left to the humanity. Basically Bob was like a guide to me, because he helped me through the shared information to reach more profound spiritual experiences. For almost 10 years I have explored through OBE nonphysical dimensions and I was trying to understand deeper and deeper the human being and the spirit anatomy. For many years I have studied different spiritual paths, techniques, books, astrology, trying always to know and enrich my experiences, also by practicing every day.

Participating in almost all of the TMI residential programs gave me the opportunity to go deeper,  explore and understand more about the nonphysical dimensions and also about the “infinity’’  in US as humans. All the knowledge that I have acquired through personal experiences is giving me the liberty, the joy and the happiness of living my life, here on the Earth.

I truly believe that each of us has the same possibilities of developing ourselves,  by having direct knowledge and experience of WHO WE ARE … and TMI is giving us the tools to experience and explore human spirit anatomy and different states of consciousness … and is a direct path and  if you are really curious, motivated and if you have the desire, you can KNOW , WHO you are!!

Being an Outreach Certified Trainer, Theta Healing Certified Trainer, Astrologer, Yoga practitioner, working for 20 years as manager gave, me the opportunity to interact and work with people and I’ll be happy to be near people that are on their most important journey .. trying to know WHO THEY ARE and raise their consciousness level!


Contact:  Monica Elena Georgescu 
Phone:  0040 723766075