Ellen Jones-Walker

residential Trainer

In 2014, when the Monroe Institute invited Ellen to become a residential trainer, she accepted immediately.  She had already experienced the joy of serving for two years as an active Outreach Trainer.  In 2017, Ellen designed and launched the one-week Law of Attraction program with Tip Walker.


Ellen conducts individual lab sessions for Timeline, guiding participants in exploring other lives.  As a consultant for Monroe Outreach for over five years, Ellen was instrumental in the upgrade of the Outreach program, including the development of the Exploring Consciousness workshop.  She also trains the Outreach Trainer Program.  Ellen is a Professional Division member.

Ellen was guided to attend Gateway Voyage which was a transformational experience.  She continues to attend one or more programs each year for her own personal evolution and to become an ever more effective trainer. 

Since childhood Ellen has been interested in and drawn to the exploration of nonphysical reality. In her twenties, a number of mystical events suddenly immersed her in an exciting new world of profound experiences and expansion. Since then, she has been on a conscious path of self-exploration, discovery, and personal transformation.

Since 1983, Ellen has given workshops and credit courses on human consciousness, meditation, law of attraction, healing, and other personal and spiritual development topics.  She offers private sessions using customized combinations of audio technology, Mind Mirror EEG, the L.I.F.E. Biofeedback System, PSYCH-K, EFT, and other modalities.

Ellen’s educational and professional background is in linguistics, foreign/second language education, cross-cultural communication, human potential, teacher training, organizational development, and instructional design and delivery. After many years in the classroom, she went full-time with her training and consulting business, serving clients worldwide.

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