Fred Rible

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Fred Rible is a retired Navy Supply Corps Captain with thirty years combined Active and Reserve time. He worked for two defense Aerospace Firms in Contract and Program Management before operating his own business, which he sold in 1996. Mr. Rible attended the University of Missouri-Columbia (BS Accountancy) and National University in San Diego (MBA Finance). He is a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner (CHTP) and volunteer at the local children’s hospital as a healing touch practitioner, primarily for the severely handicapped.

A spontaneous OBE during surgery in 1974, that his surgeon insisted he'd imagined, launched Mr. Rible onto a spiritual path. In 1981 he began following it in earnest. He initiated a regular meditation practice, read many books on spiritual matters, and attended a Spiritualist Church, where he first learned about energy healing. Among the books that inspired him was Robert A. Monroe’s Journeys out of the Body, which validated his out-of-body experience.

He first attended the Gateway Voyage® program in June 1997 and has since attended twelve more TMI programs. Mr. Rible has been a member of The Monroe Institute® since 1997. He joined the Professional Division in 2010. In the Local Chapter Network (LCN) he is a Certified Chapter Leader for north San Diego County and was recently appointed Regional Coordinator for Northern California.

Mr. Rible says, "I thoroughly enjoy helping others connect and interact with their own higher powers, both as a Local Chapter Leader and an Outreach Trainer. I truly honor the path that each of us has chosen in life to gain perspective and understanding of our eternal selves."

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