Leidi Haaijer

outreach Trainer

Being a multimedia designer in the broadest sense of the word I consider the world as my studio.

Some specific experiences and thoughts in the past made me aware that there is more ‘between heaven and earth’ than we ‘assume or think’.

Working for years in my studio the immersion in self has developed and meeting up with the Monroe audio technology in 2008 appeared to be an encounter of recognition. It felt as if experience and consciousness had met up and the deep interest in (the research of) consciousness and the developments accordingly are much more practical now for me and are used and pointed at in (my) daily life.

As a visual artist, trained in becoming aware of, observation and perception, non verbal communication has my full attention. A lot can be seen and experienced from the surroundings or environment according to actions taken in it only. Accompanied by the growing awareness that we are so much part of the whole which cannot be neglected and which needs a different, more balanced attitude to our habitat I am nowadays working with leftovers from society (fabrics and sewingmachines) sharing specific knowledge and supporting community qualities on several levels.

Doing this practical work growing from my studio, youngsters know where to find me for coaching; during a fixed period they get the opportunity (i.e. space and support) to recognize their specific power in (them)selve(s), they (re)learn to trust these signals and are stimulated to use these signals to go for their next steps beyond the designed limiting systems.

After following several Monroe programs in Europe and USA I became a trainer in The Netherlands in 2010. I am now supporting the use of Monroe technologies in the Dutch speaking region, offering online and life weekends in cooperation with my 2 Dutch speaking colleagues (Rolf Nuyts and Wouter Bosman) and organizing information meetings on a regular base.

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