Tip Walker

residential Trainer

Tip serves the Monroe Institute as a residential trainer (since 2015) and as an outreach, guest, and online trainer.  Since 2017, he and Ellen Jones-Walker have offered their Law of Attraction program at Monroe.

He has also served as a local chapter leader and a leadership council member for the Monroe Local Chapter Network.  He has been a Professional Division member since 2013. 

Tip’s Gateway Voyage experience was truly transformational.  With each program he came to realize ever more the profound meaning of Robert Monroe’s seemingly simple statement that we are “more than our physical bodies.”  The process of discovering one’s potential and expressing that in the earth life experience is what motivates Tip in his own evolution and fuels his passion in supporting others in their own processes.

He has had a deep interest in metaphysics and the field of human potential since his early twenties. He started with Transcendental Meditation his senior year in college. Then, as a post-grad student at a Japanese university, he became a member of a Buddhist/Shinto religious organization. This intense experience challenged many of his long-held beliefs and opened him up to a greatly expanded concept of reality.

Tip provides personalized sessions using the L.I.F.E. Biofeedback System and the Mind Mirror EEG.  He is also a certified Reiki Master and Trainer and has studied numerous other energy healing modalities. 

Tip’s educational and professional background is in East Asian Studies, foreign/second language education, cross-cultural communication, organizational development, and instructional design and delivery. After many years in the classroom, he realized his dream of being self-employed and went full-time with his training and consulting business, providing services to clients worldwide.

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