Length: 30 Minutes



Drifting was inspired and composed to be a tool to enhance deep relaxation and exploration of consciousness while floating in a Sensory Deprivation Tank. However, it can be enjoyed in or out of the tank. This unguided exercise is a full body and mind experience. Much like Resonant Tuning, the vibrations of the music, the drone, and low notes in particular, initiate awareness of frequency in the ears and body, and ultimately, the brain. Drifting contains music that swirls around you using spatial audio techniques, then continues with a period of signals only, allowing you a deep and distraction free experience. The 60 and 90-minute versions are intended for deep, prolonged exploration. The 30-minute version is a shorter track that provides you an opportunity to reach deep states of awareness, reset, refocus, or set up a calm day or a blissful rest. Drifting was composed and performed by Monroe Institute participant Ignacio Diaz, Jr.

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