Peak Week Virtual Retreat

Explore the peak exercises of five different Monroe retreats: Gateway Voyage, Guidelines, Lifeline, Heartline, and MC Squared

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Enter into peak experience and energy from the first day. Many Monroe programs culminate in a pinnacle of energy, insight, and expanded awareness by 4th and 5th days. We have taken powerful exercises from those days and brought them together in this unique new program.

New Insights are discovered and old truths are deepened. We begin by reconnecting with special Gateway Voyage energy with its promise of discovery and change. We then move through the peak exercises of four more programs over the next four days, each day building upon the one before, to create a crescendo of expanding consciousness.

Experience deeper exploration and connection with Inner Self. Improve manifestation abilities by expanding the flow of transformative heart energy. Become familiar with the afterlife state(s) to deepen the connection with loved ones who have transitioned.

How it works

  1. Peak Week Virtual Retreat is a 5½ day real-time interactive online retreat.
  2. Tentative schedule
    1. Day 1 begins at 3 pm EDT with an overview, introductions, logistics and an audio exercise. The day ends at 6 pm EDT.
    2. Days 2-6 begin at 9:00 am EDT. Each day is different and includes 3-4 audio meditation exercises, activities, videos, and short presentations with a break for lunch. Each day ends at 6:15 pm.
  3. The program will be conducted using Zoom meeting, a popular online platform for video conferencing and interactive online instruction. Audio exercises will be streamed through the Zoom platform and also available for streaming through your Monroe account during the retreat.
  4. Reliable internet connection with a recommended minimum internet speed of 5 Mbps for streaming the exercises. Speed test your internet
  5. You will need headphones and a computer with a camera and microphone for video communications Over-ear wired stereo headphones or high-quality earbuds are recommended with a cord long enough to reach the place where you will be listening to the exercises.
  6. To ensure you have true stereo sound, you can use this Audio Test. You should hear a pulsating frequency from ear to ear.

REGISTRATION CLOSES WEDNESDAY JULY 15, 5 PM EDT - To allow time for the orientation process.

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What You Get

In addition to the program materials and audio exercises, you will receive the following benefits.

  • Trainer Facilitation

    Throughout the course a Monroe trainer will be there to answer your questions and support and guide you through the program.

  • Additional Audio Exercises

    Continue your exploration once the program has ended with a take home audio exercise.

  • Qualifies as a Prerequisite

    Completion of this online course meets the requirement for attending our advanced retreats

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Peak Week Virtual Retreat

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Peak Week Virtual Retreat

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