The Expanded Self

Length: 35 Minutes


The Expanded Self

This exercise provides you with the opportunity to learn more about your Total Self and to bring more of it into expression in your current life. The guided visualization begins in a mountain-side garden, which you create for yourself. Then, you will be guided to connect and communicate with your Total Self, your infinite being and essence. Just relax and follow the verbal guidance.

Mark Certo

For decades I have been blessed with the opportunity to engage with some of the most fascinating people in the field of consciousness research. Although a humble recording engineer, my work with such luminaries has greatly inspired my personal study in the field, and allowed me to apply this knowledge to allow others to explore the mystery of consciousness for themselves. It is my belief that if we begin to ask the real questions about the nature of life, reality, and the human spirit, that we will come to accomplish great things as a ensemble. Consciousness Unbound!

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