Magical Gift Download


Magical Gift Download

Transport yourself into ethereal realms guided by these uplifting pieces of music enhanced with SAM technology. Each of Howard Patterson's compositions has been created to inspire feelings of an open heart and oneness with a greater reality. Immerse yourself within each song and discover a lush and light-filled universe. As the music and SAM tones evolve, relax into the rich melodic form and launch your intentions through your heart chakra with feelings of joy.

Listening to this music allows you to experience the magical gift of your inner being whenever you desire. The album includes 6 tracks.

1. Clouds Roll Ever On  13:33
2. The Isle of the Blessed  16:39
3. Morning Glory  10:29
4. Sailing to Mystical Shores  9:30
5. Forest Princess  9:53
6. The Magical Gift  8:19


Howard Patterson lives in Arizona.  After attending Gateway Voyage and other programs at the Monroe Institute, he was inspired by the capability of Monroe’s audio technologies to produce states of relaxation and expanded awareness. He began producing music layered with SAM® signals to help listeners achieve balance and harmony while enabling them to connect to higher energies. Howard believes that music is an important part of life and is the key to a rich and profound metaphysical experience.

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