The Portal

Length: 36 Minutes


The Portal

This exercise will lead you on a short journey. Allow your mind’s awareness to expand in all directions, into the infinity of inner and outer space. In the vast unlimited Universe, many light years from the Earth there is an opening, a black hole that is cloaked by a void, a place of anti-matter where time and physical space are swallowed and cease to exist. Since time and space are irrelevant beyond this celestial door, you may easily visit this place using the mind as a vehicle. Your mind ship may be as complex or as simple as you wish and can easily travel great distances in a flash of a moment, because it is also not confined to the limits of time or space. As you move towards the black hole, you may have realized that it is a portal, a doorway where outer space and inner space are one, where you, the voyager, may visit any point in time and space by simply thinking of that time and place.

Mark Certo

For decades I have been blessed with the opportunity to engage with some of the most fascinating people in the field of consciousness research. Although a humble recording engineer, my work with such luminaries has greatly inspired my personal study in the field, and allowed me to apply this knowledge to allow others to explore the mystery of consciousness for themselves. It is my belief that if we begin to ask the real questions about the nature of life, reality, and the human spirit, that we will come to accomplish great things as a ensemble. Consciousness Unbound!

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