The Star Gate Archives Volume 1: Remote Viewing, 1972-1984


The Star Gate Archives Volume 1: Remote Viewing, 1972-1984

During the Cold War, the U.S. government began testing paranormal claims under laboratory conditions in hopes of realizing intelligence applications for psychic phenomena. Thus began the project known as Star Gate.

The largest in the history of parapsychological research, it received more than $20 million in funding and continued into the mid-1990s. This project archive includes all available documents generated by research contractor SRI International and those provided by government officials. 

Remote viewing (RV) is an atypical ability that allows some individuals to gain information blocked from the usual senses by shielding, distance or time. Early work benefited from a few "stars" of RV who were successful at convincing investigators of its existence and its potential as a means of gathering intelligence. Research focused on determining the parameters of RV, who may have the ability, how to collect and analyze data and the best way to use RV in intelligence operations. Volume 1 Remote Viewing (1972-1984) and Volume 2 Remote Viewing (1985-1995) include laboratory trials and several operational results.

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