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September 21

Possible Consequences of Manifestation

In the basics of manifestation, the intention is to ask the universe for something you truly want and align your energies with that outcome, however large or small. If you are manifesting a new car, for instance, you’re likely meditating on the idea, feeling the car’s seats under you, smelling that “new car smell,” and feeling the breeze against your face as you drive it. Realistically feeling the outcome is the basis of many forms of manifestation. But what will happen to your old car? There are details, sometimes even large enough to be considered consequences, that we don’t always think about when manifesting new chapters of our lives. That’s okay. That happens. But what exactly can we do about it!?

For years, I meditated almost by rote, seeing the next chapter I wanted while also feeling gratitude for that which I had at the time. When I was ready to leave the house I was renting and move onward to try and buy a new house with my family in 2020, I manifested the new life by mentally experiencing myself in the new space and strongly feeling the safety, happiness, and comforts of home. I could feel what it was like to live somewhere where these feelings came naturally, which wasn’t the case where we lived at the time, being, too close to the courthouse where riots were happening almost every day. But in that basic desire to be in a better place permanently, positive details about our current situation could get overlooked. For instance, we had a fantastic relationship with our landlord. With a new house, that relationship would end and he would have to fix it up again, repost a listing, and bring new people into the place that had been our home for many years. This may seem like common sense, but when you’re thinking about moving on to something greater for yourself, you may not always be considering how getting what you want affects other people at all. And this is to be expected. Landlords know that rental arrangements will end one day. It’s just part of the manifestation process  to consider how your new plans affect others.

This may seem like common sense, but when you’re thinking about moving on to something greater for yourself, you may not always be considering how getting what you want affects other people at all.

Another extreme example of this could occur with a couple going through separation or divorce. Perhaps, if you’ve made that decision and you’re visualizing your life in an improved, happier state, it’s easy to miss the complicated pieces and pain that can come up in between getting from the difficult place you’re in currently to the happy and bright future you may see. Acknowledging that the road ahead might be difficult, and  manifesting ease into complications that lie between where you are now and where you will end up, can be very helpful. How will it affect the other person in your relationship? You did love them fully at one time. Perhaps you can spare a few thoughts of happiness for them, visualizing them in happier circumstances without you, too.

Life is fluid, and every current or ripple affects the way life flows regardless of our intentions. Our choices inevitably affect others. I consider it important to recognize this as truth. Next, I think it’s imperative to see—or will—in our manifestation exercises the best outcome for all involved. Imagine everyone happier and healthier in their new situations. The more aware you are of your presence and inherent power in this interconnected universe and its affect on those around you, the more you can transmit intentions for the highest outcome for everyone who might be affected by your manifestations. Sometimes darker or harder consequences can come with your efforts. The higher road would be to meditate on a happy outcome for everyone as you continue manifesting your own desires.

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Malorie Mackey

Actress, author and adventurer

Malorie Mackey is an actress, host, and writer living in Los Angeles, CA. Malorie's first book was published in 2017 and her short story "What Love Has Taught Me" has been published in the anthology "Choices.” You can find Malorie’s travel content on dozens of digital media platforms. Check out www.maloriesadventures.com for more. Malorie's adventures don't just encompass physical adventures. She has been a student of intuition since she was a teenager, studying at Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. In 2019, Malorie discovered the Monroe Institute while filming her travel show. Since then, she has been studying the art and science of consciousness through many different programs and life experiences.