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July 27

The Heart is the True Gateway

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched—they must be felt with the heart.

~ Helen Keller

Penny Holmes, HEARTLINE program designer-trainer and Bob Monroe's stepdaughter, and co-trainer Rob Sandstrom, were interviewed by Michael Peter Langevin in a lively discussion about HEARTLINE how the program affects participants, and the impact it has made in their own lives.

According to the trainers, HEARTLINE helps participants confront, address, and overcome the fears that you may not know you have.

And would you believe this process entails lots of fun and laughter? Apparently it does.

What do participants take with them after HEARTLINE? “People leave the program feeling lighter, more hopeful toward their lives. What we’re cultivating is gratitude. Gratitude is a frequency.”

What is the Heart of the Institute?

To paraphrase Penny, “It’s all of the people. One whose praises are not sung much is my mother, Nancy Monroe. With HEARTLINE I felt guided by my mother. I feel her spirit is very much interwoven into this program. I would say my mom could be the Heart of TMI in a way. And the land where we sit is very nurturing, and that’s Heart. So, when I started thinking, “what is the Heart of the Institute,” I ultimately came up with the people, and the alchemy that takes place here. It doesn’t matter which program. Heart is in all the programs. HEARTLINE just happens to contain a dedicated path, and a way to help people begin taking a look at it. It’s about spiritualizing everything—and remembering who we are.”

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Michael Peter Langevin


Michael Peter Langevin is the author of Spiritual Business, The Secrets of the Ancient Shamans, and The Secrets of the Amazon Shamans. He is presently co-owner/co-director of LangevinAxelsson Marketing and Social Media Promotions and the Co-Publisher of The Echo World magazine.