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July 06

Why is Being Receptive to Messages from Within Important?

Learning to Trust in Yourself and Follow Your Inner Guidance Will lead You in the Direction You Are Meant to Go.

How many times have you had an intuitive insight to do something, which made absolutely no logical sense at all and you let your logical mind talk you out of it, then kicked yourself later because you missed a golden opportunity? A key element in developing your inner guidance is to trust that initial response, answer, or insight you receive from within. By developing your inner awareness you can receive guidance for your life from your best source—yourself.

Each of us is born with inner guidance. We have access to both spiritual helpers or guides and our own soul or “higher” self to guide us for portions or all of our lifetime here on the Earth. However, as humans, we tend to lose our ability to sense the realm in which our guides exist.

Inner guidance should come as a gentle suggestion.

Inner guidance should come as a gentle suggestion. Never allow yourself to feel pressured to do something you do not choose on your own or before you are ready.  This diminishes your opportunity to learn and to grow.  

Tuning into your intuition can be difficult. With so many distractions in your daily life it can be a challenge to quiet your mind. It is best to be in a peaceful and calm or meditative state before asking for guidance. The answer(s) will come in many surprising and unexpected ways. Only when we are quiet or calm, can whispers and gentle suggestions from our inner guidance be received.

The purpose of “inner guidance” is to gently nudge you towards achieving your life's goals and purpose so that you may lead a more authentic and fulfilling life. Often, we complicate life choices by questioning and doubting our intuition. Learning to access your inner guidance and then to apply it routinely and with certainty in all areas of your life isn’t always easy.

Often, we complicate life choices by questioning and doubting our intuition.

How do you know when you’ve have heard a truth from within? You’ll know by your reaction. Ultimately this is about your happiness. If something doesn’t feel right, then maybe it’s not the path you should follow. Be honest with yourself. Acknowledge any unsettled feelings because, remember, their purpose is to guide you. And with practice and patience, you will develop a trusted flow of information that you can apply in your everyday life.

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