Eva Rider—Part 1 —Clinical Psychotherapy and the Jungian Approach, a Psycho-Spiritual Process


There is a schism of sorts between the mechanistic clinical psychotherapy and the Jungian approach. Jungian Therapy is a lens through which we look at the world in the search for meaning and wholeness, individuation. Jungian brings in that archetype eye. “CG Jung refers to archetypes as a mode of thought present in the unconscious. A universal pattern of energy and how it manifests.” Archetypes are living energy that is ubiquitous and symbols are likely to change depending on the humanity searching for a connection to that archetype.

Dream work is a gateway to active imagination. “These are your own images. Dreams are giving us information.” The dream messenger is bringing us information.  When we don’t write down our dreams then the dream messenger will leave.” 

Dream work, astrology and imagination and thought through that realm we are drawing down all that energy and creating something. It’s a psycho-spiritual process.