Collection Overview

Rod S.

This is a very special program.  If people only knew!  This is Discovery without the electrodes. I like to think of it as Discovery Plus.  Cutting-...

Laura D.

Conscious Coherence went above my expectations, and forced me to look at parts of myself I had left ignored. This was a very transformative experie...

Sue L.

Every day we experienced different frequencies and modulations which Bob always explained ahead of time in ways we can understand. We all came away...

Sarah L.

Transformative experience....so much deep personal work as well as a path forward now that I'm home.

Sarah L.

I had worked with Mark's Triad Mind previously, and wanted to see what taking it in a week would be like, and it delivered powerful experiences, re...

Mary D.

Wonderful information, talks, and meditations. Exactly what I've been looking for.

Craig S.

One of the best new experiences. A great meditation system that builds on each layer.

Michelle W.

Michelle shares such rich concise ways of understanding how our body feels during a reading and where our strengths lie, such a blessing. Her passi...

Natalie M.

This course was great! The exercises are great! Michelle has wonderful energy and I will be signing up for the next one!

Cindy K.

I just want you to know how incredible i’m finding this course! I am so grateful for your teachings and how life-changing it has already been. So g...

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