Georgios Bagropoulos

outreach Trainer

Georgios Bagropoulos was born in Athens, Greece and in 2008 he moved to Brasov, Romania for a new start. He is a technologist holding a Master’s degree from the University of Liverpool in Information Systems Management, a certified project manager, an executive coach and AI Evangelist.

Georgios, from an early age, had a natural openness to spirituality and to the non-physical worlds. Georgios had a Near Death Experience and that proved to him that he was more than his physical body. Later he had his first OBE.  With his natural curiosity he searched different spiritual paths trying to understand who he was. 

In 2021, Georgios attended the Excursion workshop. He immediately felt at home. He participated, within 2 years, in most of the Monroe Institute residential programs offered in Romania. The direct experience and the knowledge revealed from the programs of the Monroe Institute helped him connect more and more with his inner self.  He experienced how much more we are from our physical bodies. He felt the love, freedom and happiness of existence in different plains. 

In 2023, Georgios decided to become a trainer to help the participants in the Outreach workshops to discover their own potential and with this knowledge and experience, to create more joyful and complete lives.  

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