Healing Miracles

Length: 40 Minutes


Healing Miracles

We invite you to consider that healing is always possible. Use this meditation often to support your wellness and vitality. You will be guided to develop two-way communication with your body and will also have the opportunity to visit your personalized healing center for an extended free flow period where you are invited to relax into a peaceful healing space.

Allyn Evans

Allyn Evans, MBA, is the Chief Executive Officer of the Monroe Institute. She is also a Monroe residential trainer and certified Reiki Master Teacher teaching Energy Medicine with Brian Dailey, MD. The two collaborate with others who help spread the word about complementary and alternative modalities to a global market. Allyn has served many roles during her time with Monroe. More recently, she helped lead the efforts to create virtual programming and served on the Meditation App Development Committee. Previously, she served as the Outreach Coordinator and trained the Outreach Trainers (domestic and international). She also co-trained Gateway Voyage programs in Texas and California. Before that, Allyn was chair of the first Local Chapter Network efforts to launch and sustain the volunteer network worldwide. Allyn’s meditations have been published by the Monroe Institute and Norm Shealy. She earned a BA in Psychology from the University of Mississippi and an MBA from Texas Tech University. Besides regularly offering programs on the Virginia campus, Brian Dailey and she have presented in such places as Italy, England, Iceland, Bali and Puerto Rico. There is also the annual dolphin trip to Bimini, Bahamas (usually in May) where she adds Monroe Sound Science with the experience of swimming with dolphins in the wild. “I showed up at Monroe in 2009 after reading ‘The Journey of Robert Monroe: From Out-of-Body Explorer to Consciousness Pioneer’ by Ronald Russell. Before attending, I ordered the at-home Gateway Experience series. Before finishing the Wave exercises, I knew it was important to get there... no matter what! That same year, I was asked to lead the Local Chapter Network development efforts. In 2010, I signed up to be an Outreach Trainer and by the following year, I became a Residential Outreach Trainer, training others to do the same. I did this for three years and, also, trained to be a Gateway Voyage Trainer during that time. Whether I am serving in my roles at the Monroe Institute or playing other roles in my life, I am usually doing something to get the word out about the sound technology and its benefits and practical applications. I love the work and training. We have so much fun!'"

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