Joe Gallenberger

Joe Gallenberger

Residential Trainer

Dr. Joe Gallenberger is a clinical psychologist who has over 30 years experience as a therapist. He has a great interest in the universal principles of manifestation. In 1995 Dr Gallenberger began exploring psychokinesis, the ability to influence matter through non-physical means. After achieving powerful results at a university laboratory and enhancing his methods over 5 years of study, he began to teach this skill to groups. He has used his discoveries to host over 80 Inner Vegas Adventure Workshops, which take participants into fascinating states of personal power and intuition. His students achieve strong altered states of consciousness and energy, resulting in dramatic physical and psychological healing, strong influence over dice and slot machines, and many beautiful manifestations in participant’s lives at home.

Dr. Gallenberger is a senior trainer at The Monroe Institute®. Gallenberger trains a spectrum of Monroe programs and developed the Institute’s highly successful MC2 (Manifestation and Creation Squared) program that teaches psychokinesis, healing, and manifestation. Gallenberger also developed SyncCreation, A Course in Manifestation which is the home study version of the MC² program.

Dr. Gallenberger offers a variety of programs designed to expand consciousness through delight. The services described on his web site SyncCreation help individuals and businesses become more joyous and productive. A dynamic, heart-driven speaker, Dr. Gallenberger is in demand internationally as a workshop presenter on topics such as the Out-of-Body Experience, accelerated and remote healing, manifestation, and meditation.

His book Inner Vegas: Creating Miracles, Abundance and Health is a wild ride into world of psychokinesis where mind, energized by the heart, influences matter. His binaural beat meditation exercises, available on CD and as downloads include: Liquid Luck, Abundance Waterfall, Partner's Meditation, Manifesting with Hemi-Sync®, Abundant Heart, and The Healing Heart.

Gallenberger's newest book, Liquid Luck: The Good Fortune Handbook, shares extraordinary manifestation stories from ordinary people. He covers how happiness, gratitude, compassion, praise, love, and feeling abundant are essential to powerful abundance creation. He reveals how to enhance these qualities and transcend the limiting beliefs and emotions that usually keep us confined to old fear-based patterns. His knowledge and inspiring stories show us that we can indeed be miracle workers in our own lives.

Contact Joe Gallenberger:
Address: 120 Garden Hill Drive
Hendersonville, NC 28739
Phone: (828) 693-0647
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