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Since 1980 TMI Professional Members have been at the forefront of efforts to explore and expand our collective knowledge about the nature and potential of human consciousness, and to extend the use of Monroe audio technologies globally.

Using various research methodologies (qualitative, quantitative, and mixed-method) and also personal experiential exploration, TMI Professional Members have added immeasurably to our understanding of and insights into both Monroe-specific altered state techniques and the numerous questions and concerns pertaining to the study of consciousness as a whole. Research projects (including pilot studies, longitudinal studies, single participant studies, multi-participant analyses, meta-analyses, and anecdotal reporting), have provided the Institute with a greater database of consciousness research than is possible through the efforts of its internal staff and on-site facilities.

Current Professional Members include researchers, practitioners, and educators of various kinds. Becoming a Professional Member is an opportunity to be involved in an ever-expanding network of like-minded individuals from around the world, one that offers the potential for professional growth, community building, and the advancement of knowledge regarding the phenomenon of consciousness.

With a 36-year global tradition of breakthrough research and reporting on the Institute's consciousness development technologies, Professional Division Members are responsible for most of the body of work concerning Monroe technology, published both independently as well as through The Monroe Institute.

Please consider becoming a member of this leading edge group.

(To join TMI's Professional Division please click on the link at the bottom of this page, and fill out the application form.)

Stated simply, the Institute holds to the concept that (1): Consciousness and the focusing thereof contain any and all solutions to the life processes that man desires or encounters. (2): Greater understanding and appreciation of such consciousness can be achieved only through interdisciplinary approaches and coordination; (3): The results of related research effort are meaningful only if reduced to practical application, to “Something of Value” within the context of the contemporary culture or era.

Robert A. Monroe: "Early History and Development of the Monroe Institute"




Membership Fee

Membership in the Professional Division of The Monroe Institute costs $150.00 per year for a single membership, and $200.00 for a couple.
Residential and Outreach Trainers receive a $50.00 discount.

Apply for Membership

Individuals wishing to apply for the Professional Division Membership should complete the  Professional Division Membership Application,
which is subject to acceptance by The Monroe Institute.

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Professional Division Brochure

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