Feedback from The Monroe Institute Bulletin, 1988 & 1999

(The Monroe Institute Bulletin, Winter 1988)

Feedback from The Monroe Institute Bulletin, 1988 & 1999

Living In Sync

The following comments are excerpted from a letter from Virginia Patterson, who has worked with the GATEWAY EXPERIENCE tapes at home and attended a. GATEWAY VOYAGE in March, 1987. We at TMI feel Virginia's letter is a good demonstration of the sometimes subtle, and sometimes not-so-subtle ways that working with Hemi-Sync can positively affect one's life.

“I work for a very large corporation and have always been very satisfied with my work. However, in the last two years, I began to wonder if there wasn't something more I could be doing with my life...

Our company (began) a major reorganization about the same time I received my first album of GATEWAY EXPERIENCE tapes... The reorganization had a tremendous negative impact on me. When I started listening to the tapes and was asked to put things in the energy conversion box... boy, did I have things to put in there... Over time, 1 began to examine where my feelings were coming from and by using “One Month Patterning”, I overcame those feelings... once again I enjoy my  work... I see now that the reorganization was a blessing in disguise. It allowed me the opportunity to look for another, more fulfilling career.

My new career will be in the promotion of the philosophy and methods taught by organizations like TMI. The reason I was taken with TMI was that it fit so well with my innate feelings and beliefs. But I had much to learn. Since beginning the program I have had many coincidences(?) happen to me. But more and more, these are turning into more concrete examples of the power of what can be achieved from believing in the possibilities of '...individuals whose knowledge and understanding are equal to or greater than our own.'

[For example], I was asked to a meeting [and later] found that I was to speak at the meeting... I prepared 10 minutes of remarks. Next, I found they had reserved 45 minutes on the program for my presentation! It was getting more serious, but I still didn't panic. I decided I would work on it on Monday [the meeting was Wednesday]. Late Friday I heard, quite by accident (or was it?), that I was the Keynote speaker!! Oh dear, now I did have to work on this presentation. But I didn't worry about it — it was the weekend and I don't like to think about work on the weekend.

Saturday morning, I woke up a 6 AM very tired and wanting to go back to sleep, but I couldn't because my mind was very busy... On the one hand, I wanted to go back to sleep, but whatever was going in the other side of my mind was preventing me from doing this. I started to try to 4push' these thoughts out of my mind, but they were very strong and I couldn't... I realized [these thoughts] were my Keynote presentation. I picked up some paper on the side of my bed and began taking notes. But the thoughts were coming so rapidly that I finally got up and turned on my PC and entered the information. When it was completed, I went back to bed without really looking at the notes.

Later, I read the presentation and it was wonderful. It fit very well with the 10 minute 4intro' I had previously prepared. It spoke to the importance of goal setting and how to write and use affirmations. It was a talk that I could use in a business environment and yet it extended the message to one's other lives as well, such as community, family, personal, etc.

That might have been the end of the story, but more was to happen. On Monday, I came down with strep throat... Wednesday, I wasn't feeling good at all - in fact, if I hadn't had the presentation, I probably would have stayed home...

Upon completion [of the presentation] I got very good feedback. I even heard that for those who were aware, there were metaphysical undertones.

The interesting thing about this presentation is that I am usually very aware of my talk and how well I do. In this particular case, it was like I wasn't there. I had no idea how well I had done. For that matter, perhaps, I hadn't done it at ail. I believe the author of the presentation delivered it himself.

I will continue to use the methods of TMI and look forward to my next encounter — either at GUIDELINES or GO....Thanks again.”


(The Monroe Institute Bulletin, Spring 1988)

Biting Commentary

Henry Marzell writes:

“For many, many years I have been plagued with a habit, persistent and more than annoying, of biting the inside of my cheek. I have feared that the constant irritation might cause cancer, disfiguring, etc. I tried self-hypnosis, dental work, trying to keep part of a toothpick inserted between my teeth, etc. I even played a game with my grandson, giving him a dime every time he caught me. I had to stop that to remain solvent.

Unbelievably, after two tapes (“Discovery #1” twice), I noticed that I was not biting. There is a calm feeling in my teeth and jaw and the absence of the desire that always returns. Naturally, I am continuing (the tapes). I did the second tape and I will repeat it today. I hope that this is not just a temporary respite, but I have a feeling that it will not recur. For this I am really grateful.”


(The Monroe Institute Bulletin, Spring 1988)


Ted Distad writes:

“I'm a relatively young retiree after 26 years with state government... it became necessary to think about trying some other endeavors to generate income. One such was a sudden decision to obtain a state license to sell insurance.

Initially, I had about three weeks to study before the next state exam was to be held. I was still more interested in other things, however, (and, I'll admit, I'm a procrastinator by nature) so I kept putting off my study.

One Saturday evening my oldest son (he's one of those together individuals who manages time well) inquired how soon I had to take the insurance exam. I checked and discovered the exam was scheduled for the very next Monday! He assured me I might as well forget the test — I'd never be able to study and remember a manual of 190 8-1/2” x 11” pages in that amount of time (he loves to give his old man a hard time). Although I wasn't overconfident, I told him I was going to give it a shot anyhow.

I hit the sack early that night, and the next morning (Sunday), I went to our meditation room, closed the door, and began studying at 9 a.m. By 1 pm., I was beginning to lose my ability to concentrate. At that time, I put the “Concentration” tape into my continuous tape player.

With a few shorts breaks for food (and much coffee), I finished the book at 3:05 am Monday morning. Then it was sack time for 2 hours... about 6 am I had to begin the 4 hour trip to the state capital to be on time for the test.

I was one of the very last to complete the test (I had to keep going into Focus 10 and 12 to recall the information), but I completed it. Two weeks later, I was notified that I had passed with an 86!

As far as I'm concerned, this is a real testimony to the benefits of mediation, the whole brain system of Hemi-Sync, the GATEWAY program, and the excellent design of the “Concentration” tape. Because of (the tape), I maintained my concentration for 18 straight hours. As a GATEWAY graduate, I knew how to quickly go into brief meditation and recall information. It works for me!”


(The Monroe Institute Bulletin, Summer 1988)

 “Reset” on Trial

William H. Georges, Esq. writes:

“Early one morning, while dealing with energies and energy systems, alleged to be of some benefit to me and the other prospectors of WAVE VI, I noticed the tingling of alertness when the postman dropped off the envelope containing the H- PLUS “Reset” tape.

My old joy was replaced by increasing enthusiasm over the next several mornings as I “Prepped” and “Reset,” and as I began preparing for the courtroom where I apply my skills and craft as a trial attorney.

Over the past 20 years I have come to know that when a witness testifies to the 'truth' (as their experience might be), there is always a silence that occurs, during which everyone present feels, knows, and sees that same truth as they are hearing it from the lips of the witness.

The sensorium crossover can become overwhelmingly ecstatic as the communication passes between the active and passive participants, regardless as to whether an individual mode may be visual, auditory, or kinesthetic.

Over the past 20 years of group work and intensives which I have done I have always looked for tools to overcome the brain blocks and attention dissipations, which cloud most jurors' abilities, and that cause the attention span to drift towards the 'couch potato' level of listening. After several mornings with the “Reset” H-PLUS tape I'm noticing an increasing ability to not only clear myself but also to create a collective subconscious energy 'push' bringing about a transference of the level of alertness between myself, my witness, and the audience. If “Reset” is a preview of the entire series, I can sense the focus and the direction of the next material as it becomes available... and as they say on Home Shopping Channel, 'These will make great stocking stuffers.'“


(The Monroe Institute Bulletin, Fall 1988)

Hemi-Sync and Spinal Surgery

Cheryl O. Williams, M.A. writes: “A friend of mine had to have emergency spinal surgery in Nashville. I had the EMERGENCY TREATMENT SERIES sent air express to her. She used the tapes as they are recommended and she is going on a 33 day tour of Australia, Fiji, and New Zealand just fourteen days after the spinal surgery! (I should tell you she will be seventy this year and she is the retired Dean of the School of Nursing at Vanderbilt University.) She was absolutely thrilled with her recovery as she has had several prior spinal surgeries and had to be hospitalized previously for months at a time.”


(The Monroe Institute Bulletin, Fall 1988)

A First-hand Experience with Surgery and Hemi-Sync

Kaye Andres writes: “On the morning after my recent surgery, the attending nurse offered this comment: 'This room is different from all the other rooms in my care. There is such peacefulness here... and calm. The atmosphere is different. I come into quiet and you are sleeping or very peaceful and I want to tiptoe out through the adjoining bath to the next room. This room is a sanctuary!'

What was happening is that I was plugged into one of the EMERGENCY TREATMENT SERIES tapes. These were a godsend (thank you!) to me. I went to sleep to “Pre-Op” several times before entering the hospital, and arranged to have the appropriate tape playing continuously until I was back in my room.

Not only were the tapes a splendid support system throughout, but they also obliterated intrusive sound vibrations of hospital clatter and, more important, the sounds of other humans in some kind of helpless terror. I was very grateful.

Surely in an enlightened future such tapes and earphones will be standard equipment in all hospital rooms.”


(The Monroe Institute Bulletin, Fall 1988)

New “Gateways” of Possibility

James “Felix” Hamilton writes:

“[After GATEWAY] the first place I went was to my father and mother's house. We had not hit it off so well in the past few years, so we were all a little shocked when I walked into their house filled, no, overflowing, with love for them.

That moment alone was worth the tuition and much more.

I had patterned for good relations with my boss and to be more effective in my job, and found out that I had been transferred to a better and more responsible position during my absence.

...I wasn't sure about my decision to come to the Institute until the last day I was there. I'm sure now; in spades!”


(The Monroe Institute Bulletin, Winter 1989)

Gateway Voyage Experience Continues to Blossom

Marlane Cherry took the Gateway Voyage with her husband in July of 1988. In the following letter, she shares her life changes following the program:

1.“I wanted lo tell you briefly of some of the results in my/our lives since the Gateway Voyage in July.

2.Peace. The free-floating anxiety thai 1 have used all my life to fuel projects and purpose is missing almost all of the lime. The first few weeks I had a terrible time keeping appointments and doing left-brain things. I'm not as structured as I once was, but I spend a lot more time just being. This had been impossible for me before your seminar.

3.Balance. There is a growing sense of balance of left/right brain of worldly/spiritual in my life.

4.I am finding ways to explore and learn from my mother's dying of lung cancer that are real revelations to me.

5.My relationship with my husband (who attended with me) has been healed at levels thai are beyond the day to day. I can'i exactly explain ihe difference, bui we are in harmony on a higher level than before. We can still choose to argue, but have recently had a vacation where we were together in a new way: contentedly, and choosing not to do or say things thai might bother the other. We are going to collaborate on a book, and I am more jptimislic that we just might pull it off. I am reading Far Journeys now, and the value of reading both books after the seminar is enormous. I have been extraordinarily expanded. And never in the ways I would have thought. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU.”


(The Monroe Institute Bulletin, Winter 1989)

Hemi-Sync Gets Under Your Skin

Haines Ely is a Dermatologist and Dermopathologist in private practice in Grass Valley, California, and a member of The Monroe Institute's Professional Division. He writes:

“I use two Hemi-Sync synthesizers. One I play in the waiting room behind subliminal tapes which suggest “healing.” The other I keep in the surgery room with earphones to put on patients during surgery. It's a bit difficult to do any type of controlled study, but the patients, especially in surgery, who use the earphones feel much calmer and take to it quite well. Some others refuse to put the earphones on at all.”


(The Monroe Institute Bulletin, Spring 1989)

Hemi-Sync and Surgery

The following excerpts are from a letter written to GO! Trainer Geoffrey Lyford of Calgary, Alberta, by Joyce Wilson, a participant in on eof his EXCURSIONS.

A note of thanks for the use of your Hemi-Sync tapes. It is five  weeks today since my surgery on July 25.

I had two similar surgeries on October 28, 1983 and March 1, 1985, but this experience was dramatically different. It is my belief that using the Hemi-Sync tapes designed for Pre-Operation, IntraOperation, Recovery Room and the Energizing Walk is the distinguishing factor. This surgery was truly a positive growth experience for me.

I found it reassuring to listen to the tapes from time to time during the five days prior to the surgery. I also used techniques learned in the Excursion Workshop to deepen myself in a relaxed yet focused state.

The evening prior to and the morning of surgery I listened to the Pre-Operation Tape. I put the Intra-Operation tape into the tape recorder just before leaving to go to the operating room.

I was told later that only a minimal amount of anesthetic was required to keep me sedated during surgery. My vital signs were strong and I was relaxed and calm throughout the entire operation. The following day I was alert and energetic. Much to the consternation of the nursing staff I did not require anything for pain because I had no pain! I have no recollection of any pain whatsoever with this surgery.

The incision healed remarkably quickly. I resumed normal activity within three weeks, which is months ahead of where I was with my two previous surgeries. I had family and many friends who prayed for me and sent me love and energy for which I am grateful. The kindness and generosity shown to me by Reni and yourself is sincerely appreciated. All of this has helped more than I can consciously realize. I do also believe that the HemiSync tapes are greatly responsible for my extraordinary progress.


(The Monroe Institute Bulletin, Spring 1989)

Resonant Love Balloons

The following is from a letter by B.P, who lives in San Francisco.

In meditating with the TMI tapes, I visualized creating an energy balloon and playfully thought, well why not make it go around my whole soul? It got bigger and bigger until I saw in my mind's eye a giant sphere, in which my present body was about the size of a peanut. Seeing no one else, I asked, “who's there?”, but there was no answer.

My most profound meditations these days come from sending “zaps” to others. I create or draw to me a sphere of loving energy that I visualize sending to them to caress and comfort, to cheer or enlighten. When I do this, I also feel enveloped in the energy. I did this once flying back to San Francisco on a Friday night from Chicago— one of my all-time most uncomfortable regular trips. In particular, I visited in my mind's eye a very sick friend and found her in good shape, with a lovely dark-haired woman standing smilingly by her. The impression I had was “all is well.” I later learned she was in remission from what has proved to be a terminal cancer. When I arrived—I had been able to hold the meditation for quite a long time, sitting cross-armed straight in my seat, eyes closed—instead of my usual stiff, dragged out and fatigued body, I felt as if every cell had been caressed and energized. I felt filled with light and did not suffer any of the painful effects of the trip on that occasion.


(The Monroe Institute Bulletin, Spring 1989)

Hemi-Sync Paintings

The following is from a letter by Alison Perrott, of Fleet, Hants England. Her husband, John, is a GO Trainer.

...I had worked with the H-PLUS tapes prior to the Workshop but doing the weekend intensive brought the whole H-PLUS experience into focus and, to my great delight, the quality of my life has already improved with using the functions daily. I particularly enjoy using the functions in combination and the 'finetuning' that this enables...

Su and I have been fairly prolific with Hemi-Sync painting (listening to Hemi-Sync music, letting go and painting what emerges) with some wonderous results. We recently put on an exhibition of our paintings and received some very positive feedback from several people, one of whom has been inspired to do his own freeflow painting... It is still quite strange to see our paintings nestled in amongst the still-life fruit bowls and landscape paintings.

Hemi-Sync is an integral part of our lives (our daughter was bom to it and she has Surf playing in her bedroom throughout the night) and we aim to promote it at all opportunities. As John once continued next page said, “It (Hemi-Sync) is so valuable, I think Bob (Monroe) would add it to breakfast cereal if it could be 'fed' to people that way!”


(The Monroe Institute Bulletin, Spring 1989)

Hemi-Sync and Crystal Healing

From a letter by Dennis Mc-Guire, Calgary, Alberta

In November 1987 I was contacted by a middle-aged man who was diagnosed as having terminal cancer of both lungs. At that time, he came to me for a crystal healing, and since then I have worked with him on nine different occasions.

On August 6, 1988, I used (Metamusic) Outreach, followed by (Metamusic) Trailing Edge. This man had always had a hard time relaxing, but in the first twenty minutes of the session he started moving into a deeper relaxation state. By the end of the tape he was sound asleep. On awakening he seemed to be more relaxed than he had been in previous treatments.

I would like to report at this time that I feel Hemi-Sync tapes are a wonderful tool in my healing work.


(The Monroe Institute Bulletin, Volume X, No. 3 Summer 1989)

Emergency Series

Featured in this issue of the BULLETIN, is the Emergency Series. The Emergency Series consists of six audio cassette tapes designed to assist the individual through a period of physical crisis such as surgery, major injury, and/or illness. These exercises reinforce the mind's ability to direct inner autonomic body functions, including the control of pain and the healing process. They also help the patient relax, become positive and confident. It is not necessary that the person using them has had previous training in the Institute's Hemi-Sync methods.

The following letters offer first-hand accounts of using this Hemi-Sync series as part of surgery and recuperative processes.

• From Laguna Niguel, Calif., Nancy Whitley tells of her experiences with the Emergency Series. "On December 12, 1988," she writes, "I entered the hospital for the first surgery and at that time I had been listening to the Pre-Op tape for about ten days. I had learned to relax fully and found the countup easy to follow. I asked the surgeon if I could use the Intra-Op tape and he said that I couldn't have headphones because I would be lying on my side for several hours and he was concerned about damage to my ear. Therefore, I located a small, under-pillow microphone and had them tape this to my right ear. Since no one was familiar with using tapes in surgery, and because they are sure that you cannot be influenced when under heavy medication, it was extremely difficult to get anyone to take me seriously. After surgery, I had requested the Recovery tape be played. The nurse in the recovery room didn't think it was important and did not play the tape. I woke up feeling as if I had been slammed into my body and was deathly ill for three days.

"I was in the hospital for a total of six days with numerous infections and it was twenty-one days before I could return to work full time. It was eight weeks before I was without pain.

"My experience with using the tapes in December was disappointing because of the lack of assistance. However, when I did get to a point that I could use the Recuperation tape, I found it to be extremely beneficial in allowing me to sleep deeply and continuously while my body healed.

"My doctor realized that I was serious about this and asked to listen to the tapes. After hearing them and beginning to understand a little better what I was trying to accomplish, I suddenly had him on my side. The next surgery was scheduled for March 15, 1989. This time everyone asked if I had my tapes and my doctor made sure that each one was used properly.

"The difference was drastic. When I woke up in recovery, I was completely awake and alert. I was not ill. I did not feel as though I had been slammed into my body, but that I was just waking up. I was able to change my own tape in my room and begin listening to Recuperation right away. I felt fine, they were able to remove the IV and give medication by mouth. I had a great appetite and no infections. I was able to go home in three days and returned to work in ten days."

Although Nancy found Energy Walk irritating, she continued to derive benefit from the other Hemi-Sync tapes in the Emergency Series. "It has been nineteen days since this last surgery," she continues, "and I feel great. It will take time for all the muscles to heal properly, but I am doing fine with no infections and no pain medication. I use the Recuperation tape to help me sleep, otherwise I wake up in pain around 2 a.m."

The next letter comes from Dianne Onstad of Lynwood, Washington. Dianne writes, "You sent me the Emergency Series 5, Energy Walk tape when I ended up in the hospital for an emergency D&C in September 1988, less than a week before my Gateway seminar. This letter is rather belated, but I wanted to express my gratitude again.

"In December I underwent a second operation and again had the opportunity to put the Energy Walk tape to good use. This time I was prepared and brought a selection of tapes with me to the hospital. Within 48 hours of surgery (three days early) for endometriosis, I was back home, active and energetic. My husband had 'plugged me in' immediately upon returning from surgery and I awoke to Bob's voice, which was wonderful. Overall, it made the experience much less traumatic and I thoroughly confounded the hospital staff as I'd needed no pain medications, slept wonderfully, and was up and around 'causing trouble' as soon as the anesthesia wore off. Within a month I was back to full activity with the scar as the only physical reminder.

"My thanks to you and the Institute for all your help and support. This incident has taught me a great deal in many ways and it is only because of your help and outreach that I have been able to learn so much."       


 (The Monroe Institute Bulletin, Volume X, No. 3 Summer 1989)

An Acute Allergic Reaction

Susan Tirotta, of Ellensburg, Washington, submitted this dramatic account of her use of Pain Control to relieve an acute allergic reaction.

About five years ago I began very suddenly to experience life-threatening allergic reactions to certain foods. I had never had any allergies or asthma before age thirty, so this has been a mystery to me. The anaphylactic reactions I have had to such previously innocuous foods as apples, peaches, blueberries, and filberts have required several trips to the local emergency room for adrenaline injections; I now carry a bee sting kit and epinephrine inhaler with me at all times so that I can treat myself if necessary. I have deduced that I am reacting to some substance on the fruits and nuts, such as a fungicide/herbicide/pesticide.

It had been over eighteen months since I had had an allergic reaction, so I presumed the mysterious episodes had subsided as quickly as they had come. I was wrong. On the evening of January 2, 1991, I ate about ten pistachio nuts, something that had never bothered me in the past. Within seconds my eyes and ears so swollen I could not bend my fingers, ropes of clear mucus began to stream from my sinuses and lungs, and huge red welts began to spread over my body. Aware that my airway would soon begin to swell closed, I rushed to the bathroom, used my inhaler twice and ingested a double dose of Benadryl antihistamine.

From my previous experiences, I could tell that this was a particularly violent anaphylactic reaction and I should get to the hospital emergency room. As I was home alone and in no condition to drive, I began to go to the phone to call a neighbor to take me to the nearest hospital, about thirty minutes away over icy roads. Doing some quick calculations, I estimated that the antihistamine would not show any effects for about ten minutes, while my breathing was becoming increasingly labored. It was then that the internal effects began. Apparently, hives are not limited to the skin alone, but can begin to break out in the digestive system, which was happening to me. The abdominal pain became excruciating very quickly, so I decided not to call my neighbor. I honestly felt that if I could not get control of my bodily reactions very quickly, I would die. I crawled to my bedroom, grabbed my stereo head- phones, and clamped them on my head. I found the Hemi-Sync Pain Control tape and jammed it into my cassette player. Luckily, I had bor­rowed a Hemi-Sync De-Discomfort tape from a friend several months ago and entrained myself with the “55515” Command long before purchasing my own Pain Control tape.

The internal pain I now experienced was very severe; my eyes and ears were totally swelled shut, my breath coming in shallow gasps. I lay on the floor with my knees clasped to my chest and turned on the tape player. My emergency syringe of epinephrine was on the floor beside me, but I wasn't sure I could stay conscious long enough to inject myself. I hoped that my brain would absorb the Hemi-Sync signals even though I could no longer hear through my swollen ears. Within about fifteen seconds of turning on the tape I began to feel its effects. Although I was still doubled up and could not straighten my legs, I suddenly felt as though part of myself had split away and become an “observer” of the pain, and that my consciousness was in this pain free-part of myself. Although my body was still in the throes of the attack, I no longer felt that I was going to die. Additionally, although I was conscious of the severe pain and exactly where it was, I was detached from it.

I listened to the entire Pain Control tape, flipped it over and listened to it again, and then listened yet a third time. By this time, the antihistamines had begun to work; I could breathe more easily. I still couldn't see out of my swollen eyes, but I groped my way to the bathroom and prepared a warm bath filled with Epsom salts. I spent two hours in the bath before the hives began to go away. Before I went to bed, I listened to the Circulation and Energy Walk tapes so that I could begin to clear the toxic wastes and chemicals from my body. I spent the next day working very hard with Circu­lation and started using Regenerate on my adrenals and thymus. I was amazed at how much more quickly I recovered than in the past. I now believe that my adrenals do not work as they should, and am using Regenerate on a daily basis to repair them.


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